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Thursday, 11 June 2009

[TA Message] no. 550

And voilà! 
No. 550 11-06-2009 00h10 

When I told you the days end too quickly. 
Just now it was morning ... and it is already night. 

Already nuiiiit ... 

I maaaaarre .... 

Maaaaa ....... reeeeee ...... 

Ah! (O)! Danger, danger. 

Stop to take my desires for reality. 

Go, you have to do what he has to do eh! ! ! > JK Kome ☆ san? Nobita? 

Aaah! I have something to ask you. I can? 

There. THE days when there was such cancellation in Osaka, you're still all came before the Osakajô Hall. They even spoke to news, there were stumbling in crying, there were planted was left speechless ... Each in its own way, did everything it could to accept, or attempt to digest all of its forces this harsh reality, is not it? 

And there, I learned that, instead of me and my team, he has appeared before the Osakajô Hall, a youth group that was found, who sang, and danced. 

Perhaps it was to help friends to bear this situation, it is also possible that they also wanted to take a portion of our sadness for us, my team and me, who could not do anything for these people this moment there. 

Or perhaps for any other reason. 

But I can tell you that I had the info online, and I cried. 

But you know, these kids, they filmed the moment, they made a DVD, they have given to staff who was in Osaka, and two days later, I received this DVD in their hands. 
I wanted so see, as the view. But when I opened the bag, I came across a DVD of a disproportionate size, hitherto unknown ... 

I tried everything, but impossible to watch! (v_v) 

My staff as much as me, we wondered how we would do to see such a DVD ... 

And I finally understood. 

This is not to criticize, but it seems that this DVD was well adapted to older PC (you know, that kind of where the PC where you put the disc arises as a drawer ...). It was searched everywhere, but none of us had a bike ... 

That's why I could not see yet (v_v) 

And at the airport hitos I remember that someone questioned me about that, but he talked so much so quickly, I was overwhelmed by the cascade of words and that there Chon san nothing! lol 

I as they refassent DVD, except that they gave me the master, they can not duplicate ... is still something that is troubling me, so please, if you were that day to Osakakô Hall, send me a message! (>_<)ゞ 

The memory of that day will never disappear, and I think I would really watch this film before I return to Osaka for concerts replacement. 

Pfiou, I am sorry to tell you that something very personal! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
Because I'm only this way to perhaps find a solution to my problem ... m (__) m 

Well, I return to my work. 

And I hope it will make you happy, I will soon post pictures of Hokkaido! (_-)- ☆

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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