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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

[Report+Fancam] ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 ~ NEXT LEVEL ~ Yoyogi Tokyo concert report 20.06.09

A Concert report from Ayu.no

Pictures can be seen here

The concert was indeed HUGE! (I was at the saturday one) My seat was less than 3 meters away from Max Matsuura, Ayu's assistant; Stan and her technical crew during the whole concert. Since we (I and my friend) was western, I even had the lucky opportunity to have a quick chat with Max and Stan.*hyper* It was sooooo awesome, and he's a really cool guy (but strict...I could't take a picture). I also said "Hi again" to her her friend Mika, (I met her before, in our hotel; The Westin Miyako Kyoto the week before the concert). She was really suprised to see me there ^^ she was near the circle stage, but visited the tecnical staff before the concert started, together with a woman suspicious similar to the suposed picture of Ayu's mom from the latest CDL. (She was wearing big Prada sun-glasses) ^^

We got a lot of attention from the staff, and other fans around us... one guy even photographet me and my friend togehter with Max.

and, hold on tight; I asked Max if Ayu would ever make a step outside Asia, and he said "She's training her language skills", and winked his eye!!! While Stan grinned. Stan speaks very american-english, is he from Hawaii or somthing?

Isn't that just awesome "news" ^^

There were also several celebrities present at the concert, I recognized some boys from Johnny's and HP! One of the girls from Perfume, Mari Yaguchi, Akanishi Jin (together whit another guy), the old lady from TV, that sings enka (I don't remember her name, Keiko Wada or somthing..) and I think Sifow was there (I'm not sure about Sifow), the little guy from AAA was also there, seated together with Max and the technical staff.

After the concert we stood outside the arena with about 40 fans, and waited for Ayu to leave. We waited almost an hour. It was many guards there, and people had to stay behind the marked lines and a rope. Since we were not Japanese, we got out of line with the rope, and was alowed to stand near the road. Guards from avex seemed afraid to talk to us, but it was strictly forbidden to film and take pictures. I only managed to capure some pictures of the waiting crowds, and a sound video when Ayu was leaving the arena.

and Fancam when Ayu left Yoyogi

Credit: Maxker @ Ayu.no
Shared by Ayu's Story
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