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Friday, 26 June 2009

[Ayu's Diary] Tomorrow PV shooting 25.06.09

I heard the news that Ayu is in Bali right now (once again after last May for holiday or a survey over Bali?). Just like Ayu has posted in her recent diary below, she will be having a PV shooting today! and i do hope that the Balinese fans are able to meet her or something and telling her that she has lots of fans in Indonesia. Good luck with you guys!
Anyway, Ayu looks extremely so young and cute on the very last picture! KAWAII!!!

I've the stomach full ♪
2009/06/25 23:22 | ayu

That restaurant was today, I had to wait over a chari with gold ribbons on each in this way (*^_^*)

diara_250609_5.png (56 KB)

I am happy, ko-yu-no(?) ♪

I, chon-san is going to ask this dessert ♪

diara_250609_6.png (76 KB)

I thought they were good, it was heavy and dry, after all Bancho's stomach end to settle down. (Laughs)

In, tomorrow there's a shooting from early morning, we all hurry to go home for preparation, dissolved.

But you know, Chon-san, is a great-grandchild.

Paraaaaaaaaaaaaaalysiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiis.

diara_250609_7.png (76 KB)

OK, going to attack everyone's room ♪

I'll make full review, and looking forward to enjoy ♪

I'll see you tomorrow (^·^) smooch

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS Forum
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  1. I'm from Indonesia. I want to go to Bali right now!