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Saturday, 27 June 2009

[Ayu's Diary] Today too.. 26.06.09

Heh? Ayu as a Ganguro?? woah O_O and she doesn't look like her usual self.. 
No doubt! Ayu is shooting his next PV coming very summer and directed by ... "Shimoko" (World Mirrorcle, GREEN ...)  

Today too ... 
26-06-2009 20:00 

diary_260609_1.jpg (18 KB)

I have lots of photos successful! ♪ 

diary_260609_2.jpg (19 KB)

Well, this morning, I had rather sleep 
my eyes fell ... 

diary_260609_3.jpg (11 KB)

But it is in those moments that I repeat: "I am an actress ♪ I'm an actress I am ♪ ♪ actress" ... 

diary_260609_4.jpg (19 KB)

Shimoko, he always takes the pose, regardless of the time! 

Too strong. 
About! Late last night (early this morning?), Chon san is gone, as I wrote in previous message, do the show in other rooms. And I took lots of pictures ... but .. uh ... I really can not show them in public! lol 
All I can say is we had fun like crazy! ♪ 
"Tune-up" was in such a deep sleep, I told him when I put the headphones on the ears, I put the tube full DVD entitled "24" and posed next, I set its super strong and he had a reaction super class by a huge! lol 
Well, I digress ... 
Well, on the move, and we find ourselves in a new ... 
Here is what it looks like. 

diary_260609_5.jpg (20 KB)

A bar facing the sea! ♪ 
Agréaaable It's great! ♪ 
All the staff is full fooorme! 

diary_260609_6.jpg (20 KB)

These two, when I look at the difference between the head and they take the side mimi accessories they take in hand, I'm very amazed! 

diary_260609_7.jpg (21 KB)

Yes, they are Gyo chan and Gori. 
Well, go to the team Ayu is the hour of dinner. 
A la prochaine.

diary_260609_8.jpg (15 KB)

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel.com
Shared by Ayu's Story
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