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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

[Trans] 24.11.2010 Ayu's Twitter Updates 13.11.2010

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Ayu: I'll make 4th PV here tomorrow. I'm saying "4th PV" easily, but it's 4TH. It's so many in many ways. laugh But I believe director Muto to the end and ready to go with him!!!! Absolutely, I'll accomplish all☆

Ayu: C u there♪
asongforxx: more fans will try to come see you!! - @ohsixthirty: @ayu_19980408 Ayu, if I come to LA will u still be there Mon

Ayu: I'll be there=)
ohsixthirty: I'm Coming to LA! Will u still be there Tuesday and Wednesday? Lots of fans want to meet you

Ayu: Hey. laugh There're greater people, aren't there? The skills are different from mine!! That's great.
UN1982: My sister almost like a native! laugh
Ayu: I was with my brother tonight. I excercised my broken Japanese. laugh http://twitpic.com/36dxfu

Ayu: This pic looks like a postcard http://twitpic.com/36avd4

Ayu: Yeah,I told u.u'll meet him soon=)anyway,I'm very hungry!come to pick me up then go get some food♪
Mannie69: @UN198That's your brother?

More under the cut!

Ayu: Ah, I mean that don't update TA's pic on your twitter(*^^*)
miyamoriko: You're not allowed putting the pic on the Twitter??(゜Д゜) RT @ayu_19980408: Plz DO NOT put on the pic on Twitter!!!

Ayu: (*^^*)
rukushiidesu: ayu, you're the sweetest ever *-* i bet the US fans will be so happy!

Ayu: Plz DO NOT put on the pic on Twitter!!!

Ayu: I just uploaded some hint on TA.We'll meet at there I hope=))Check it out!!!

Ayu: Sorry,wait a second=)
ownsarai: no Ayu, you didn't give any hints this time. ;_;

Ayu: You're right☆
miyamoriko: Hmm, you're having a Where am I-Game?? さてゎまたどこにいるでしょう?ゲームしてるなあ??( ̄▽ ̄)

Ayu: I know♪
Ander_Hamasaki: You should start a new game with the hotel!

Ayu: Ok,I'll try =)
_JoSan: I think you must try giving a hint to them u.u

Ayu: Didn't I???
YashiHashi5: but it's harder for them because you didn't post pictures of your hotel yet~ they want to come but

Ayu: They'll find me i think.
my__aura: But U.S fans doesn't know where are you staying ;__; Maybe Four Seasons Hotel??

Ayu: Σ(・□・;)
himawarikun7: Ayu-chan, Getting 300,000 followers are becoming a real possibilityヽ(☆▽☆)ノ

Ayu: Come to c me=))
ohsixthirty: I wish I could come to LA to see you! U have so many fans in the US! �.g.f

Ayu: Ah, my hubby must get jealousy!!!! laugh
ma_hi_1220: You look like couple (laugh)O(≧▽≦)O

Ayu:♪(´ε` )
happy_kailua: Ayu-!! I found this on the PJ's catalogue!!!! I'm looking forward to it so much♪( ´▽`) http://plixi.com/p/56527982

Ayu: Great♪
zokurasu: I tried to collect. You make my smile(^O^)/ http://twitpic.com/368hb3 http://twitpic.com/368a50

Ayu: Haha!yeah,we are!!!
ownsarai: lol you looks like twins! XD

Ayu: Take care of yourself(^з^)-☆
masatomatsuura to TM538: I've already left!
TM538 to masatomatsuura: Masa-san★ Good morning! Have you left for a training already? (laugh)

Ayu: Here☆This is my little brother.He's reli looks like me!!! Haha=) http://twitpic.com/368hb3

Ayu: The background is also alike. laugh Why do you know that? laugh We've not met yet today.
UN1982: Don't you think they're look alike so much? laugh
Ayu: Wow!!!! LOL!!!!
UN1982: I tried to copy my sister! laugh http://twitpic.com/368hb3

Ayu: You're right☆
utopia142558: I'm too late, but is your hubby an American? He looks like an European for me♪

Ayu: Yes♪(´ε` )
fumi_2001TA: Both of you like grilled meat, you don't?(o^o^o)

Ayu: It's me, but before that, well... it's TA. It's the other way around( ̄▽ ̄)
anshelkiki: I can't see AT(´・ω・`) This person in thins photo is a person from another country? or Ayu?

Ayu: Ah, did you notice that? I was conscious of that. laugh
miyamoriko: This Ayu looks like your brother Naoya-kun( ̄▽ ̄)♪

Ayu: I updated TA. I did two entries♪ Don't forget about time-lag(^з^)-☆Tei!!!! Ah, by the way, I heard my hubby's eating grilled meat. laugh

Ayu: Now, accidentally I met a certain person, and my spirits are rising soon↑ I can do anything today-♪( ´▽`) About a certain person, check TA☆ http://twitpic.com/368a50

Ayu: I work until midnight, and start to work from early morning everyday... So I can't meet my brother at all I'm sad( ; ; )
gensity_yu_178: Ayu- good morning(^O^)/ Your brother has gotten up already, and he's thinking about falling back to sleep.

Ayu: I'm managing to liveヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ayu: (*^^*)
masatomatsuura: Thank you( ; ; )
ayu_ayaka to masatomatsuura: I hope we TA can help such Ayu and Masa-san(*_*)

Ayu: Yes, I think you guys are also suffering always.
masatomatsuura: Ayu and I are suffering always.
hana_0501 to masatomatsuura: Masa-san, I think Ayu-chan is suffering from something... I'm so worried

Ayu: When I lose interests?!!! I'm working so hard-. laugh
masatomatsuura: She will return when she lose interests. (laugh) But we can't help it, because it's job.
momo19980408 to masatomatsuura: When will Ayu return(・・?

Translation by Yukiko.T @ Ayu's Story
Original source: Ayu's Twitter
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