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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

[Trans] 24.11.2010 Ayu's Twitter Updates 09.11.2010 - 11.11.2010

Please from the bottom to top :)


Ayu: Well, finally countdown live concert's information will be announced today. And reservation will start at that time!!!!

Ayu: I took my makeup off and so on. Then it was dawned. My day finished, but town started to get the new day. http://twitpic.com/35r5t1

Ayu: When I arrived at my hotel, which I'm staying and getting used to, the sun was just rising. http://twitpic.com/35r4hs

Ayu: Of course, I appreciate, but... http://twitpic.com/35r3q5

Ayu: Sometimes I feel odd with me getting used to live in surrounding like Hollywood... http://twitpic.com/35r3cb

Ayu: Uhh... that... deliberately... I used a retrosective camera... I think it's swankyヽ(;▽;)ノ
as_Manami: Ayu-san, does your cellphone's camera have any nicks? It also has some lines on the photosヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ayu: Im not gonna say anything yet!!Hahaha!!!!!
lgiam: ayuuu~~ are u and @UN1982 going to shoot a Dream ON PV in LA?

More under the cut!

Ayu: Wow!!!! You're telling about me!!!! LOL
mina_zo_mina_zo to yudetamagon366: Just between you and me, it's becoming broken Japanese lately. The person is certain A-san, not me. (bombshell statement)
yudetamagon366 to mina_zo_mina_zo : Minazou's face when Ayu talk to you in English →(゜Д゜;;)what!?!? (^艸^*)laugh

Ayu: I really miss Europe!!!
CeReSu08: I'm so proud to be a TA member, thx for sharing with us your feeling... Luv from Europe!

Ayu: No, he came after me, and he will return earlier than me. laugh
ayu_minaTA04: Will you return with your brother??

Ayu: Sweet dreams=)
PrincesseChicca: i love you♥♥♥goodnight ayu!

Ayu: From LOVE.
TimmyPavino: ~ I don't speak very much Japanese but your music inspires me so much in my everyday life. Where do you get your passion from?

Ayu: I think my messes being worse, because my brother came here. laugh
ykisakinau: You stay different place, but you're messy. That's very you. I'm relieved. in a way. laugh

Ayu: Thank u(*^^*)
jyujiw: @ayu_19980408 you have the most beautiful lyrics ever. you give me strenght everyday. love u from brazil!!! lol

Ayu: I talked to Minazou in English and to Stan-chan in Japanese. It's opposite!!!! laugh
ayu_minaTA04: Ayu, you must adapt to there life already, right( ´ ▽ ` )?? laugh

Ayu: (*^^*)
tomochon: I'm looking up at the sky today(*^^*) We are the one on the same earth, under the same sky.

Ayu: (*^^*)
dulceku_TA: heart shake... your last entry is so sweet...yes, no matter how far, we're all with you ♥

Ayu: (*^^*)
mamichan84: Ayuuuuuuu (;____;) you made me cry with your TA entries.. we're a family ♥. we're all under the same sky

Ayu: ~(・・?))Uh?
shuuuyaa: So pretty-! laugh

Ayu: Sounds goooooood!!!
Munak: Ayu! Im ur biggest fan from Germany! please come visit me, i will cook for u and mannie!

Ayu: We're having fun♪
ouais_deco: @ayu_19980408 Did you have fun with Mannie in his car? Haha

Ayu: 12th day today. But... I'm not finished yetヽ(;▽;)ノ
eizisawakita: You still stay there(;▽;) How many days have you stayed there?

Ayu: Both of them are really awesome!!!!
ayuchon7: I'm looking forward to not only new album but also collaboration single♪(´ε` )Upi♪♪

Ayu: Luv u 2(^_−)−☆
Luna8825: Looooooooooooooooooove U~~~~~~~

Ayu: (*^^*)
ownsarai:such a beautiful blue sky today makes me think of your beautiful words.

Ayu: I updated TA. Part 2☆

Ayu: I updated TA. Wheen! Wheen! But there're time lag, so you should wait a minute before watching(^_−)−☆

Ayu: Sure im almost there
Mannie69: are you ready to go for a ride in my car?

Ayu: It's a long wayヽ(;▽;)ノ
keisui_: You mean it takes long times until you'll returnヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ayu: Ok http://twitpic.com/35e5k4
iceman4649: I wanna see today's sky(^^)

Ayu: I hope I made him smile=))
aimi1007: ur brother looks tired?? Or soooo smile?? ^^ cuz meet to Ayu chan^^

Ayu: Im having a great day=)
George16BS: Hi Ayu-can... I hope you have a great day ^^ I love you

Ayu: Ah! I tried to update TA, but photos became too little. I don't know why, so I'll ask someone about that and try again.
__TA_Team_Avaco: Ayu-chan, do you miss Japan~? TA members always wait for you, so put your heart at ease(^^)♪ There're no distances wherever you are~(`ω´)

Ayu: I was relieved that he arrived here without any accidents(*^^*)
aki_0722: Showy boy (laugh) That's good you've could meet your brother(v^-゚)

Ayu: I just met my brother now(*^^*) I thought what a showy boy, but he was my brother. laugh

Ayu: We can wear T-shirt in the noon↑ But, we can't live without down jackets or something!!!! This is the case you need so many things. laugh
UN1982: I'm at a loss about what to bring, and my closet is in disorder! Can I pack up all my things? laugh

Ayu: Buy something warm at Narita.
UN1982: R, r, r, really-!? Oops-!

Ayu: Take care of yourself and come here, without any messes~(^O^)/I'm waiting for you~(^O^)/
UN1982: My sister! Is it cold there-???

Ayu: Really cold!!!! Staffs around me, they're wearing down jackets-!!!!
UN1982: My sister! Is it cold there-???

Ayu: I'll update tonight♪( ´▽`)
miyu3miyuu: Ayu-chan, good morning(´・ω・`) Don't forget about Japanese TA members-(。・_・。)ノlaugh♪

Ayu: I feel by far more confortable using English.
u4co: Ayu-chin, you've stayed there for a long time, have you been a strong in Englsih than Japanese?(^ω^)?

Ayu: My Japanese is getting broken Japanese. Everyone laugh at me.
hikalich: Your tweets, Japanese<English. laugh

Ayu: Getting some rest.....on my hubby's shoulder http://twitpic.com/355sro

Ayu: We're all one under the same sky... http://twitpic.com/354og7

Ayu: Lunch time♪ http://twitpic.com/354jnz

Ayu: Stuff happens(*^^*) http://twitpic.com/353x1j

Ayu: Mogezou → RT @Mannie69: http://twitpic.com/34yom7

Translation by Yukiko.T @ Ayu's Story
Original source: Ayu's Twitter
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