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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

[Trans] 24.11.2010 Ayu's Twitter Updates 08.11.2010

Sorry for the late update againn~~~~~
but here are the translation from Ayu's old tweets.. sorry~~~


Ayu: He's a shade maker.
MYALL_ayu: Mr. Giant Sugi, what is his job?

Ayu: I hear he's 3 meters and 28 centimeters tall.
aaaayu_v: How tall is Sugi-san??

Ayu: Sing a song
WineHung: what do you do when you are really depress or down?

Ayu: No, it's real name. laugh
fumi_2001TA: Did you also give Sugi-san a nickname, Ayu? laugh

Ayu: Dream is endless and lasting(*^^*)
shi_luv: Ayu-chan, it seems you're the person whose dream has came true, but do you have a dream or an aim??(*^^*)

Ayu: I n Stan are really wanna go there!!!
Ander_Hamasaki: ayu i would like u to come to Spain someday, really looking forward!!

mamichan84: Ayu, you make so many people happy, do you know? (*^^*) and your Italian fans love you so much ♥
Ayu: (*^^*)

Ayu: It's Sugi-magic.
rika19920120: Mr. Minazou looks short, but is it my imagination? (laugh)

Ayu: I did(^O^)/

_JoSan: i wonder if @ayu_19980408 can read my tweets... u.u

More under the cut!

Ayu: (*^^*)
ayuchon7: Ayu-can, please don't make me cry since morning( ; ; )Thank you always for your lots of love. Thank you for being by my side at any time( ; ; )

Ayu: Got u!!!!!=)
sweet_thoughts: Ayu, my dream is getting reply from you, so please give me your reply. Now I know you're the only one who makes my life happy.

Ayu: Well, He is Giant Sugi. Don!!!! http://twitpic.com/34wddr

Ayu: Oh,plz dont say that.I luv u 2=)))
dulceku_TA: Ayu-chan, do you hate me? You've never made any replies to me...I love Ayu from Spain.

Ayu: That's good(*^^*) I always light, so don't be afraid of darkness(*^^*)
chikagex: Ayu-chan...thank you. I could see the light in the bad morning because of your tweet, Ayu.

Ayu: Im so glad to hear about that=)
Sutiiven: You are the coolest person everrr. Your concerts are amazing! :D

Ayu: No, they're not here( ; ; )
reihaL: There're not any the childrenヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ayu: Thank u(*^^*)
0101Jessi: Ayu, I think you're great, I love the song Blossom, Mexico loves you!!! ^^

Ayu: RT @crea_spain: asia is ONE, a world is ONE, we're all ONE!! TA big family =)

Ayu: OK↑
ayumix102: I'd like a close-up shot of Sugi-san's face closeuppp! (laugh)

Ayu (*^^*)
hibiyehibiyo: BRAZIL LOVES U, AYU ^^ AND SO DO I ♥

Ayu: Hola~como estas???←haha im not sure!!
citrika: Ayuu~ do you know any words in spanish? :D

Ayu: Yes, I really want to do that.
ayuki_1987: Ayu-chan, is it time that you want to meet the children???(*^^*)

Ayu: Thank u 2=)
TA_adry: Ayu! Hola from spain! i love u! u make me smile! i'm listening Virgin road! soooo swett! THX!

Ayu: Yes,we really are=))!!!!!!!
mamichan84: Ayu, thank you for updating TA with so many photos! I'm happy I joined TA(*^___^*)

Ayu: What a sweet=))
HULUFan: ayu~ you said you live on people's smiles, but the truth is we live on your smile!!

Ayu: Hello(*^^*)
thsk55: Good morning Ayu! Please say Hello to Hungary!

Ayu: Hahaha!!!
Nekomunication: Ayu, you and your hubby are so dashing together ;)

Ayu: Coz im vampire.Hahaha-
jjjiji: it's close to the morning~ but you still didn't sleep . so why you still have a freshy and beautiful face always ^^

Ayu: (*^^*)
crea_spain: RT @LizBrazil: Thank you for both tweeting in English and Japanese, Ayu-chan!! It means a lot to us =)

Ayu: Hello(*^^*)
JOON_TOP: Ohayogozaimasu, Australia says hello ^^

Ayu: May I update a Sugi's close-up shot? laugh He's standing next to me.
Aira727928: Ayu-chan. Does Sugi have a twitter account?

Ayu: RT @hikalich: Recent news reminds me of "asia is one" Ayu said(T_T)

Ayu: Yeah( ̄▽ ̄)♪
TA_ayu_19850810: We have to hold hands with world people.

Ayu: Yes!!!
ownsarai: moisturizers only, right ayu? :D

Ayu: Welcome to TA(*^^*)
Ayu_Emi: i'm a TA member since 1 week and i reli enjoy it ! i've seen ur post on TA! ( ^ ▽ ^) wow

Ayu: Thx(*^^*)
Marrychan0920: I want to be a TA member, too! You're such an awesome person

Ayu: Im not using make up base.
julia787: Hi, Ayu~♥ What make-up base do you usually use? I love how looks your face always!

Ayu: I really don't know yet.still I've sooooooo many things.
ryandtw_jpop: When are you going back to Japan, ayu?

Ayu: My fingers paid off. laugh
miho37ayufun: I'm happy, because there're lots of photos on TA.

Ayu: =))

Aderianu: bon appetit =) RT: @ayu_19980408 Me too!lets go get some food!!!!!

Ayu: Ok,I'll try=)
anteateradvance: Are you gonna get any FALL flavored food while you're still here? Pumpkin pancakes!!! Get it for breakfast tomorrow :)

Ayu: Me too!lets go get some food!!!!!
fplant33: Now i'm so hungry ㅠㅠ

Ayu: LoL
LucasC33: LOL~~~When I woke up today, I totally forgot the day light saving thing, and went to the date 1h earlier....

Ayu: I updated TA. I seem to be get a cramp up in my fingers, because I posted photos too much, laugh

Ayu: I hear it go down to 9 degrees. It's extreme~(-。-;
ayumyall: When it was hot, it was 36 degrees, right? What degrees will be it, when it's cold??

Ayu: It gets super cold from today. It was super hot, and then it gets super cold suddenly. The sky is coverd by the cloud. at Fox studio. http://twitpic.com/34sdvj

Ayu: I've done it~(*^^*) If I've heard about that from Stan-chan, I'd live alone with time-lag today. laugh
talow405: Have you set your watch to the winter time??

Ayu: That's my brother♪( ´▽`)
UN1982: I'm messy now. laugh

Ayu: Why did I post again? I'm messy. laugh

Ayu: I hear my hubby made the white rose in the picture from paper napkin, and he gave me it~♪ His idea is cool☆

Ayu: I hear my hubby made the white rose from paper napkin, and he gave me it~♪ His idea is cool☆

Ayu: My hubby gave me a beautiful flower. He made it by paper napkin!!!What a sweet=)) http://twitpic.com/34ld8k

Ayu: You're right♪
akkapan: I guess your temperate life will continue until the end of the year.

Ayu: I'm countinue it~. I have many recordings(*^^*)♪
imoko7: How about your temperate life?

Ayu: How many days have passed???~(・・?)
ayukayoyuya0810: Ayu-chan♪ How many days have passed since you went to there? Please be back soon♪

Ayu: Hey now. laugh
kaminumarijicho: He is too gentle. But he's allowed, because he is a foreigner. laugh→ RT @Mannie69: that's right. I'll open a nice bottle of wine for when you come back ;)

Translation by Yukiko.T @ Ayu's Story
Original source: Ayu's Twitter
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