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Friday, 5 February 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 05.02.2010

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5th February, 2010 5:58am

This is bad~ I just can't get over the jet lag~ I get anxious whenever I look at the clock everyday, but recently, since I have been leading a life which does not follow normal hours anyway, there's no~ need to worry about me. And now suddenly, I have an urge to continue with my London report. Yes, at this time.

And that was my introduction.

Moving on, let me begin out of nowhere. About my many days in London! Hmm, on this day, I was wearing a checker-ed outfit, and my eyes felt unusually prickly when I made my appearance.


But, I smiled. For some reason, this was the scene when I just stepped out of the hotel.


And my coat had no sleeves. Because I chose those clothes when I was in a warm room, I made a mistake.

From time to time, my nose became red from the cold.

However, I was still feeling good enough to take photos for memory.


Yep, at that time, someone said this.

"Today has been the coldest day we've had recently!!"

Aa... I knew it??? (laugh)

Because I always sweat alot after recording, I tend to wear light clothing. Hmm, even though~ I think this way, I didn't sweat at all then. (laugh)


I sang, with a bulky knitted sweater wrapped tightly around me.


And then, as expected... "It's soooooooooo cold.."



Someone's demanding for oil heaters*2 with her eyes. (After they got what I meant, they installed 5 heaters for me. So many!)

That day, when we were done with recording, I went to the hair salon. The place was owned by a stylist called Nicky Clark-san. I've heard that this place is really really really super famous in London.

However, because I wanted my usual Zacc colouring*3, I only borrowed the private room in the salon.

In other words, it only looks like I went to Nicky Clark.




Inside. ZACC!! (laugh)


I've brought along the chemicals necessary for colouring and treatment from Japan, just in case. To the ZACC team, good job!!!


Even though this private room was in the basement, the stairway and walls leading down to here were covered with many autographs. I didn't know they had so many famous clients, I was quite shocked.

However, I was even more surprised at the bathroom, which was totally covered with mirrors. When I tried to leave, I couldn't find the exit.

I really panicked~ (laugh)

There were mirrors everywhere, I felt really nervous and my heart was beating so hard as I walked along. (laugh)

Hmm, looking back now, it was all fun.


My hair became a pecan-brown colour~ ☆


When I returned to the hotel... Everyone was still cheerful as always~!


And of course, I couldn't help smiling too, as I saw everyone's smiling faces~




The next day.

Remembering the lesson I learnt the previous day, I've prepared myself totally. I wore 2 layers of knitted clothes this time.

It was so warm ♡


I'm proud that I've managed to match the pen colour with my nails.


Heh heh heh~


After this, I realized that I'd left my sunglasses back in my room. After talking with the staff, we decided to stroll along the road and maybe buy a new pair.

So we stopped along the way.


Did I really have to choose this. (laugh) ☟


Or this ☟


Stands out too much!! Doesn't it? (laugh)

Yeah, I played around with lots of them. But this has got to be the champion. ☟

Gori.... You're really on a different level, aren't you.

By the way, here's Gori's assistant Kanie-kun, wearing a pair of sunglasses that Bancho selected. ☟


He really knows how to angle his neck, so that you get different feelings and expressions, such a talented boy.

He looks like Yuki Matsumura-san.*4



And we were fooling around here and there, then for some reason the shopkeeper suddenly asked "May I have your autograph!!"

Eh.. Wait...!!! Now???!!! (laugh)

He must have been embarrassed, that's why he didn't say so earlier. (laugh)

At that point, I bought all the sunglasses which I've tried on at once.

Then, I walked on wearing the sunglasses featuring the flags of different countries.

Yes, work.

I underwent a big change, and became super serious.


Everyone~ was really serious too.


I sat behind Nobita-kun, and we were having a discussion.

Aren't the roses beautiful?

At that moment, I totally lost concentration-


We made many good things- ☆

That day, when I returned to the hotel, I received a super surprise present from everyone waiting for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

They sang Curtain call for me.


They had such wonderful Japanese.

I wonder how long they practised it. That was really really such a beautiful moment.

Music is just wonderful, isn't it- ♡

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  1. Yes! Music is just wonderful!!!! it brings the world together! as it should always be! ^^

    I love this entry! thanks AyUmIXx! ;P