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Monday, 15 February 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 15.02.2010

15th February, 2010 6:17pm

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, eh? ♡

Because it fell on a weekend this year, did everyone have the the best day???

When I think about Valentines, lots of different ideas come to mind. But in Japan, Valentine's Day seems more of girls giving chocolates to guys, eh?

Then, on White Day, the boys give gifts to the girls in return... That's right, isn't it? (If I'm wrong, please comment!!)

But, Valentines for Chon-san doesn't involve boy-girl relationships, or just love in the romance kind of way. It's about giving gifts and cards to all those people whom I love, in a wider sense of the word. ♡

That's why, starting with Bancho, and of course everyone from ayu STAFF, and the working team, and the friends team, had received this in the past few days ☟


I gave out the super delicious hanaBi chocolates~ ♪

There were also other small gifts and message cards to go with it, catered to each and every person. ♡

And for the babies at home, I gave them a cute pink cake, made especially for dogs ♡ Everyone was so pleased-

All you girls out there, have you all watched this movie, SEX AND THE CITY???

In this one scene, Charlotte's little adopted daughter gave a Valentine's day card to Carrie, who was at an emotional crossroads. ♡

That was my favourite scene-

That kind of feeling, is not only present in America. Surely, if Valentine's Day is not distinguished by age or gender, but, that we exchange feelings of love and gratitude from everyday life, this day will surely be wonderful!!!

That's what I think. Hohoho ♪

And so~, we had band rehearsals today.

From tomorrow on, dance rehearsals will start as well~

And then, there's still more PV filming left for the new song~~~

The weather's going to be bad, so I must look after my body well~!!!!!!!!!!

Lately, Chon-san has been eating "Avocado and Seaweed Tsukudani*1" everyday, after seeing Suu-san praise it on [Suba-blog]*2~.

Someone, please teach me the correct way to remove the avocado's seed~ (laugh)

That's all~♡

*1 A preserved dish boiled in soy sauce. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsukudani
*2 Dancer Subaru's blog

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