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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

[Trans] 20.12.2010 - 21.12.2010 Love songs' Blog Update Translation

From today, the start of "Love songs blog" ☆★☆★
20 December 2010. 5:00pm

It's been 2 months since the Rock'n'Roll Blog has quietly met its end...

But from today on, the newly refurbished "Love songs blog" will be starting!!!
Yay ♪o(∇≦o)≡(o≧∇)o Yay ♪

The latest news and inside stories, photos from the rapidly approaching Countdown Live's rehearsals. All these exciting contents will be delivered right to you, so please support us for this upcoming journey of love m(__)m

And so, let's hurry and start with a BAN~G!!

With the anticipated 12th original album, "Love songs", from Hamasaki Ayumi, to be released on 22/12 (Wed).

It will be sold in 3 different formats, 【CD】 【CD+DVD】 【USB+microSD+DVD】, but before everyone gets their copy, we have something to say.

And that is,

That is...


Not the contents, but just the hugeness of the 【USB+microSD+DVD】 version!!

So big!!

So extravagant!!!

So splendid-----------!!!!!

And because the size of the limited first press 【CD+DVD】 is only like this ↓↓

You can tell the difference just by looking!!!!

The 【USB+microSD+DVD】 version is limited, so please get it soon m(__)m

And to grab everyone's attention, please scream

"So big!! So extravagant!!! So splendid-----------!!!!!"

when you get your copy. (laugh)

The "Love songs" which only the Hamasaki Ayumi of this moment can sing

The "Love songs" which only she can sing because she is Hamasaki Ayumi

Her "love" is here.

"Love songs", to be released on 22/12, please check it out!!! (★ゝω・)b⌒☆

Please get it through here ↓↓

◇◆mu-mo Shop◆◇

【 PC 】
【 MB 】

A-STAFF Minazou

Debut product!!!
21 December 2010. 4:33am

Though most people probably know about this already,

URATA NAOYA feat. ayumi hamasaki / Dream ON

will be released on the same day (22/12) as the new album "Love songs"!!!

Aside from her own discography, this is the first piece of work she's ever produced as "Producer Hamasaki Ayumi". And she is demonstrating this talent without any holdbacks.

Together with AAA's Urata-kun, her great friend even outside of work, this ultimate combination culminates in an intense dance battle that is a must-see!!!!

The special site will be open only for a limited period, so for those who haven't seen it yet, do hurry and check it out ★



And- then--

Limited to the first press, a X'mas SPECIAL PRICE



It's a very special price, affordable even for the smallest fans (o^-')b

Please look forward to this, along with new album "Love songs"

A-STAFF Minazou

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Love songs' Blog
Shared by Ayu's Story
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