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Friday, 18 March 2011

[News] 18.03.2011 Ayumi Hamasaki May Hold Live Charity Performance

Ayumi Hamasaki May Hold Live Charity Performance

J- pop empress, Ayumi Hamasaki, revealed via her personal Twitter on the 13th that she is contemplating a charity live performance in light of the atrocious recent events.

Immediately after the earthquake on the 11th, Hamasaki began proactively tweeting relevant updates about the situation, reminding followers of safety protocol and sending out optimistic messages to readers like, “There are certainly times when we can’t be driven to do our best on our own volition. Therefore let’s quickly speak up and encourage each other!” and “Let’s laugh, not just a little, but with all our hearts! A chain of smiles☆”.

Requests by fans such as “Given the present situation, please consider holding a live charity performance” have been met by favorable responses from Ayu and her staff with statements such as, “A Staff (TeamAyu/Hamasaki Ayumi Official Fan Club) is currently gathering all its resources in steps to make this [charity live] a reality. Thank you very much for your feedback!”

Strong encouragement from not only Ayu but other celebrities as well during these disaster-stricken times are successfully restoring smiles to the faces of people all over Japan.

Keep an eye out for more details about the tentative Live Charity Performance and make sure to buy your Hamasaki Ayumi x ViVi Collaboration Charity T-Shirt!

Source: Model Press http://mdpr.jp/021134827
Credit: Tokyo Hive
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