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Monday, 14 May 2012

[News] 13.05.2012 "evolution" Chosen as Theme Song for 2012 Movie "Helter Skelter"

It was announced on Thursday that "evolution," a 2001 song by Ayumi Hamasaki, will be the main theme song for the live-action film adaptation of Kyoko Okazaki's Helter Skelter psychological manga. This will be the first film to use one of Hamasaki's songs as its theme since the 2009 Dragonball: Evolution live-action film. When asked for comment, Hamasaki stated that she was a fan of the original manga, and is looking forward to seeing the completed film. Hamasaki's "evolution" single was released on January 31, 2001, and reached the number one spot on the Oricon singles sales ranking charts.

Erika Sawajiri (SHINOBI - Heart Under Blade, 1 Liter of Tears drama series) will star in the film, playing the character Ririko, a model who underwent extensive plastic surgery to attain her beauty. The photographer Mika Ninagawa (Sakuran) will direct the film, while Asmik-Ace Entertainment and Shochiku will distribute the adaptation. The film's main cast includes Nao Omori as the prosecutor Makoto Asada, Shinobu Terajima as Ririko's manager Michiko Hata, Gou Ayano, Kiko Mizuhara as Kozue Yoshikawa, Hirofumi Arai, Anne Suzuki, Susumu Terajima, Kaori Momoi as Hiroko Tada, Shou Aikawa, Mieko Harada as Hisako Wachi, and Yosuke Kubozuka as Takao Nanbu.

Okazaki's original Helter Skelter manga won the Manga Grand Prize at the annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prizes in 2004. The story centers on Ririko, a model who underwent extensive plastic surgery to attain her beauty. The clinic who performed Ririko's surgeries goes under investigation for questionable business practices, and Ririko's body starts to deteriorate. As the model's prominence in the entertainment industry begins to falter, so does her sanity.

The film will premiere in Japan on July 14.

Check out the trailer below:


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