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Friday, 10 December 2010

[Video] 09.12.2010 JJ Mentioned About Being in Blossom PV At MTV Taiwan

It's exciteddd!!!

JYJ visited Taiwan last November to hold a showcase for their 1st english album and during the interview with MTV Taiwan, JJ mentioned about being in Ayu's Blossom PV~

Here's the Video:

The translation of Ayu's Blossom part:

It starts from 09:00

Q: JYJ prefers acting or singing? Are there any kind of roles that you would like to challenge?

JS: The role that I would like to challenge is… I would like to take up the role of a person who died after a illness.
JJ: I acted in Hamasaki Ayumi sshi PV not long ago, isn’t that about a person who died due to acute illness?
JS: *thinks hard* A heartfelt painful love story.
YC: Because (you) are sick/dying thus the heartfelt painful love…
JS: That’s right. Sad Story. *laughs* Oh why do I keep wanting to make jokes out of these?
JJ: For me, I think this should be a difficult scene in drama. Scenes about a normal everyday life. How do I explain? That… kind of daily life theatrical movie? The type where it depicts a person’s life? If there’s such a movie about describing a person’s life, I would like to challenge that.

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