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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

[Trans] 13.10.2011 Hamasaki Ayumi Enjoys Shopping With JUNO

Hamasaki Ayumi enjoys shopping with JUNO

On October 8th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi and JYJ’s Junsu’s older twin brother JUNO visited ‘LANDS of Eden.‘ located in Tokyo’s Laforet Harajuku department store and museum. Amid the of cheers from various other shoppers, the two shopped in the store for approximately 20 minutes.

The pair purchased six bags worth of clothes containing 31 items totaling about 429,800 yen (approximately S5,594.88 USD). Hamasaki, who changed her original outfit while in the store, came out hand in hand with JUNO in front of the cameras. She smiled and said, “JUNO chose this for me. And the fabric? It’s great,” showing appreciation for her new outfit.

‘LANDS of Eden.’ is a new store that opened back on September 17th. Store displays showcase the brands casual vintage fashion concept. Previously, this shop exhibited a picture of JUNO arm-in-arm with a mysterious woman as a part of its advertisement campaign. The identity of that mysterious woman became a popular topic.

Her identity was finally revealed on the 7th when the store exhibited another advertisement of both Hamasaki and JUNO together. As the commemoration event for this new advertisement, the two once again linked their arms while shopping at the store.

The two arrived to the store shortly after 6 P.M. They then signed their respective posters and even gave their fans an exclusive service by shaking hands and giving autographs. As they moved around the store, the store employees gave some explanations of items, while the pair enjoyed their shopping.

The songstress changed her clothes to a striped, over-sized cardigan and JUNO changed into a blue and charcoal knit shirt. Then, they left the store elegantly, bathed in bright flashes from the many cameras.

Credit: chu-lips @ AHS
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