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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 29.04.2010 - 03.05.2010

Thank you ☆
29 April 2010. 8:48pm

Because I only did one show, it feels really sad to part, but I'll be heading back to Tokyo after this.

Everyone from Niigata, whom I've not met for 4 years, flooded me with their super powerful love, and so so many of them waiting for me~ I felt it all with my entire being (T^T)

My entire troupe kept me going on stage all the way till the very end too--!!

Did you all have fun? I'll definitely come to see you all again~ ☆

And and so, please do check for updates at the Rock'n'Roll blog too--


So, I'm going to have some of that kamameshi*1 that Koichi-san recommended. Hohoho ♪

More under the cut!!


*1 Kamameshi (釜飯) - a rice, meat and vegetable dish served in a small pot

P.S. ☆
29 April 2010. 9:10pm

There was also soba*1 nicely prepared by Koichi-san for me--

Look! At the quantity!!!

Then, delicious-- ♪

Mr.Tada's hand makes an appearance.


*1 Soba (蕎麦) - buckwheat noodles

Pino heree~ ☆
2 May 2010. 1:00am

Mama is still communicating via writing by hand and typing by computer, so she still can't talk to us... (cry)

When the 3 days at Osaka ended, she didn't speak all-- the way till the performance at Niigata. And when that was done, she still didn't speak all-- the way till now...

Seems like she'll continue like this through the rehearsals at Nagano.

But we've gotten used to it recently, so I just play with my big brother and sister instead--

Atatatatatatatata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!*1



We pretend to be pro-wrestlers everyday.

Big sister Cocoa joins in sometimes too, she's really strong--

But today, she's sleeping like a manju*2 ↓


Big brother Choco...

Came when I called!!!!!!!!!

Big brother Choco~~~~~~~~~~~!!!



"Good evening, this is Choco. Thank you for always bearing with my younger brothers"



Big brother Choco--, that was such a boring greeting.

It made me fall asleep...

Oh yeah-- Recently, it's been slowly getting warmer, right???

Big brother Papiko and I have also finally changed into our spring clothes----- ♪

Look---- ♪


Ehehe-- ☆

It's a raglan Tee.

Big brother has a set too.


Recently, we've been wearing these on our walks-- ♪

But because our heads are a little too big and the shirt can't come on, Mama had to cut the collar a little with her scissors. (laugh)


The sleep demon...

My eyes, are getting heavier?????


I can't hold on--------- I feel so sleepy------...


*Fall* ZZZzzz.....


For the previous show at Niigata, and the show at Nagano this time, Mama has thought of using public transportation because of Golden Week, but she was also so lost and confused, so she went by car in the end.

And, since she can't say anything, she can't hold conversations too...

That's why she wasn't able to meet with everyone who came to send her off and everyone who came to welcome her. It's such a pity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But but, to make up for it, she promises that the 2 days at Nagano will surely been the best shows ever.

I'm here in Tokyo guarding the house, but big brother and big sister are with Mama, so please give them all your suppoer--!!!!!!!

Everyone, look forward to it with your whole heart-- ☆

And so, that was Pino~ ☆

*1 Sound effect for fighting
*2 Manju (まんじゅう) - Steamed bun with filling

Hello-- Nagano ♪
3 May 2010. 4:10am

Chon-nan here, who was fed o-yaki*1 and soba prepared by Prince-sama the moment she reached ♪



Minazou stole 2 pieces of o-yaki when he came to my room just now.. (laugh)

But because he did such awesome nails for me, I'll forgive him-------- ☆



So, everyone at Nagano!!!!!!!

Are you all ready to roll???

Wait for me, Big Hat*2 ☆

*1 o-yaki (お焼き) - fried food
*2 Name of the arena venue at Nagano

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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