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Sunday, 30 May 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 30.05.2010 Go- Na- Yaa-

Go- Na- Yaa-*1 ☆
30 May 2010. 4:39am

The 3rd show went safe and well... Hmm, though we ended with just so much energy I can't really say we were safe~!!!!!!! (LOL)

Nagoya, you guys are really something...

I'm bowled over once again by your Nagoya power... Wheeeeeeee~ ♪

You guys really go all------------- the way! (laugh)

Chon-nan was all limp and floppy after the performance. (laugh)


Caption: Nose booboo~

Yeah~~~~~, but it was really hot and energetic!!!

And after this~ I'll replenish my power to bring everyone another good show tomorrow...

I'll try my best~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♪

Nah, I shouldn't go around raising everyone's spirits like that. (laugh)


Caption: Chicken wings ♪

Was what I had--


I have something serious to say, so sorry for the sudden topic change...

"For this year's tour, you just really have lots of members this time!!!" Even now, people have been telling me this.

But the people who really sing on stage, only number 3.

Peco-san, Princess, and me.

Of course, we are not singing robots.

We're all~ the same as you, we're human.

For this tour, the 2 big seniors have been taking care of their throats really well. That applies to me too.

But, you know, that doesn't mean that everything will go 100% smoothly for us all the time. That's natural. That's life.

During each show, the 3 of us support each other. We feel and understand how each other is doing, and adjust our singing to fit together.

We can be near, we can be far. Once our hearts have found each other, we will naturally move together in the same direction.

And that is the best support I can ask for, and it makes me really glad.

That's why I'm able to stay strong.

Because of the strength of someone important protecting me, and because there is someone important that I want to protect.

Somehow, today... I just had this overwhelming thought while I was performing.

So tomorrow, I'll be expecting everyone at Go- Na- Yaa-!

And also, please... expect our troupe's show as well!!!

Let's not lose out-------------------- ♡

*1 Go- Na- Yaa- - doesn't mean anything, just ayu playing around with the syllables "NaGoYa"

30 May 2010. 5:06am

From the acrobatics team, Satoru's blog!!!!!

This guy is one of the new members in our troupe. And everytime during members' introduction, he's the one who receives the shrillest cheers and screams.

Everyone, thank you for supporting him!!!!!!!

Satoru, who's still in his teens*1...

He's amazing, eh? Working and battling so hard.

Please look after him ♡

Satoru's "Miraculous" Blog (._.)_

*1 Meaning not yet twenty.

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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