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Monday, 3 May 2010

[Twitter] Ayu's Twitter Updated: 02.05.2010 Talking About MOON

Ayu tweeted such long messages about the song "MOON", it seems that it's really a special song for her :)

"A Songという、この曲をこえるものに出会う事はこの先二度とないだろうと思いながら歌っていたほど、私自 身にとってモンスターのようなあの曲を創ってしまった星野さんの、あれからの10年。。。そして今回まさが 、「この曲聴いてみて」と突然渡してくれた、MOONのデモ。"

How can I translate it... ahaha I can't think of the english for it, but it's like well, she thought that there would never be a song that could overtake the monster like feeling of A Song for XX song, and while singing that song, she thought there would never be a song like it, and the person who created such a song was Hoshino-san. And ten years from that, Max told her that she had to listen to this song, and it was the demo for Moon.

"あえてなのかは知らないが、星野さんの作曲だという言葉は添えられていなかった。けれど、私は聴 いた瞬間 なにかとても懐かしい、昔の浜崎あゆみを感じ、まさに即答した。「この曲、絶対歌いたい。」あ んなにも惹か れた理由は、今となっては言わずもがな。である。"

If it was by some pressure she didn't know, but anyways the demo didn't have any words like "created by Hoshino." But, in the moment she listened to it, she got very nostalgic, and she could feel the old Hamasaki Ayumi, and she answered Max. "I want to sing this, definitely." The reason why she was so drawn in, there's no need to say that now.

"私達はまた手をとりあい、確実に歩き出したのだ。ぎこちなくも、しっかりと前を向いて。ここで指 す私達が 誰であるかは、読み手の方に委ねよう。やばい、真面目な事を書いてしまった。今日はこれでおわ り。長野に着 いたよ。"

We are still holding each other's hands, and certainly we started walking. Of course even if we are clumbsy, we are moving forward. I'll entrust the question "Who is it that chose us at this point?" to the reader. Ah! I wrote something so serious! Today, I'll end it here. I arrived in Nagoya.

Obviously, MOON means so much to her, so I hope it will be great for everyone too.

Original source: Ayumi Hamasaki's Official Twitter
Translated by Maikaru @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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  1. thank you very much for the translation ^^ definetely, it's a very special song for her...