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Friday, 29 July 2011

[Info] 29.07.2011 Ayumi Hamasaki「a-nation 10th Anniversary for Life」Official Goods Released!

Ayu's official goods for「a-nation 10th Anniversary for Life」has been released!

check them out!

ayu goods for a-nation 10th Anniversary for Life will be on sale from mu-mo shop and Seven-net Shopping from 19 August 19:00 onwards!
This year’s feature is the A mark wearing a navy beret for a marine look ☆
All items are colored to fit the summer ♪

More under the cut!

Sports Towel
A sports towel with a simple design of the A mark on a striped navy background!

Price: ¥2,500
Size: 410mm × 1,050mm

A jumbo towel fit for summer use is definitely an item to be sold at a-nation!
With the marine A mark printed boldly on it, this item will surely catch everyone’s eyes at the beach this year ♪

Price: ¥4,500
Size: 800mm × 1,450mm

Take-out Bag
A take-out bag with a summerish clear white base, the striped design and the pattern on the back makes it good to use on both sides ♪

Price: ¥1,300
Size: Height 320mm × Length 430mm × Width 150mm × Handle Length 550mm

Life Buoy Strap (RED.BLUE)
Featuring the life buoy held by the A mark ☆
The life buoy is shrunk to mini size and made into a strap!

Price: ¥1,000 each
Size: 140mm × 55mm

Marine A mark made into a rubber keyholder ☆

Price: ¥1,200
Size: 130mm × 60mm

Mini Pouch with Carabina
A pouch with a round carabina attached, made into a convenient size for handphone and coin storage.
A great item for outdoor event use ☆
※ This item will only be sold from 6 August at Nagoya onwards.

Price: ¥1,500
Size: Height 130mm × Length 100mm× Width 50mm ■Carabina: 60Φ

The clear summerish pouch comes in a larger size too!
An item good for keeping travel toiletries and beach items, definitely easy to use ☆

Price: ¥1,700
Size: Hieght 110mm × Length 180mm × Width70mm

Cold Cup (a-nation 10th Anniversary for Life)
A companion to the cold cup released in the 2nd chapter of POWER of MUSIC TOUR GOODS, this a-nation version has the A mark as a design ♪
As the cup is made with a double-layer of plastic, the heat outside cannot get in, making this the perfect summer item.

Price: ¥1,500
Temperature Range: -10℃~70℃

Furthermore, if you bring this cup to the Hamasaki Ayumi drinks and shaved ice booth in 「a-nation 10th Anniversary for Life」 a-park, you get a ¥100 discount off your shaved ice!
So do bring your cup to the drinks booth ♪

T-Shirt (WHITE.S,M,L,XL)
A T-shirt with the A mark boldly printed on the side of the body, as well as 2 lines on the right sleeve!

Price: ¥3,800 each
S-Size: Width 460mm × Length 640mm × Sleeve 170mm
M-Size: Width 480mm × Length 670mm × Sleeve 180mm
L-Size: Width 510mm × Length 700mm × Sleeve 190mm
XL-Size: Width 530mm × Length 730mm × Sleeve 200mm

Visit mu-mo Shop: a-nation Special Page ▼

Credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: mu-mo shop
Shared by Ayu's Story
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