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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

[Trans] 16.02.2011 Ayu Aquascutum Video Message Translation

Here's the translation of Ayu's voice that can be found on the Aquascutum official website.


Hi everyone, this is Hamasaki Ayumi. This time, I have the honour of being the image model for Aquascutum's 160th Anniversary campaign.

Because this is a brand with rich tradition, I was really nervous during the photoshoot, and kept thinking about how best to present myself. In the end, I decided to just present the coat as myself, as Hamasaki Ayumi, and that was how I did the shoot.

About trench coats, there are many ways to wear them, either in a photoshoot, or in real life. This coat in particular, because its material is very soft, I discovered during the shoot that, no matter how minute or delicate my movements were, it flowed really easily. That really enhanced the feminine appeal, and I really liked that.

And then, about the underside. Look here. It's checkered inside. I really liked how it shows when I walk, or when I pull up my sleeve like this. I feel that this makes the coat really stylish.

Alright, everyone, please have fun finding your own stylish way of wearing this coat. And that was ayu.

Translation by Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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