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Monday, 12 March 2012

[TeamAyu] 11.03.2012 A & STAFF DIARY - "March 11th"

As you all know, today was the one year anniversary of the Japan earthquake. Ayu updated TA (now called A & STAFF DIARY) with her thoughts:

March 11th
11 March 2012. 00:01

What is everyone thinking of now?

Is everyone wishing?

Is everyone praying?

On March 11th a year ago, the troupe was busy creating HOTEL LOVE SONGS.

Nobody could have imagined that, on the March 11th one year later, we're working on HOTEL LOVE SONGS again, creating and refining it.

This year's rehearsals are filled with lots of different emotions, and my own feelings have been brought out into the open. Honestly, there were many times when I almost broke down.

However, Japan has taught me that we are strong and gentle, and capable of continuing to progress. She has given me a push on the back. As if telling me that I have not yet lost.

So, until the very last moment, no matter how bitter the journey, I will not give up or give in. Holding on to the hands of everyone in the troupe, I'll create precious precious things.

A neverending dream.
A never fading dream.

For everyone.

When you become afraid, or when you feel like crying, or when you feel doubt, or when you feel like you're going to lose,

please listen to my songs.

I will cry together with you,
smile together with you,
I will hold you tight.

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  1. auwww!!! Hamasaki-san FIGHTING!!!! Ayu always touches my heart, I simply lover her!!!!