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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

[Fanaccount] Ayumi Hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2009-2010 First Day 30.12.2009

One of the AHS members went to the 1st day of COUNTDOWN LIVE 2009-2010 and she just posted her fanaccount at the forum so i thought i would like to share it here too :)

It seems that the setlist is not that long this time.

I am... and Moments:
I am... was simply amazing. Great voice, really strong and nice. She was wearing a red kimono that had one long arm on her left arm and just a strap over her right shoulder. It was really pretty! Moments was allright, pretty much like the one from AT05. She used the center stage for these two songs. In the outro there was a tissuedanser again.

STEP you and EnergizE:
Here she wore a pink (alice in wonderland-ich) costume. It was kind of silly and overload cute as usual but it was okay. She was out in the runway in STEP you and on the other side stage (like Ladies Night in CDL 07-08) in EnergizE.

About You:
Here the band did a rockintro and then Ayu appeared with a black short dress where the skirt was really big and fluffy. It was kind of a rock dress but black cute too with a big black bow in her hair and such. She did really great. I enjoyed this song very much! She was in the center stage.

momentum and You were...:
In momentum Maro (NO SHIRT AT ALL!!! Just a scarf and jeans) and Midori did their lovers dans like in AT09 and Ayu where on the stage in the very far back and sang in a really white, flowy and pretty dress. I was really excited over momentum and she did it really well. In You were... it was just Ayu in the middle of the runway while the round stage liften her up and spinned slowly. It was really pretty. I did cry (well Im a bit of a wrek feelingvice) but she did great! In the outro there was a tissuedanser like always.

Here everything was placed in the center stage. There was these gospel singers present and strings and the dansers doing a trap game with Shuya where he did this "im lost" dance and the others where like shadows or something. Anywho, in the middle Ayu was, with a big black dress (better then AT06 one but it could have been nicer still ). The whole everything was very pretty and bombastic! In the outro they used three guys in rings hanging from the sealing and one girl who jumped on the middle guys ring. It was really pretty too.

INSPIRE, Because of You, 1 LOVE and until that Day...:
This was probably my favourite section of the whole show. Maaaan I LOOOOVE Because of You so it was a winner for me. In INSPIRE they started off on the center stadge, the dancing was like in AT05 with Gomi in the leader dancer role. In the end of the song they all were gathered in the middle of the catwalk. Then BoY started, just like always, Ayu on the floor, moving up, walking around and in the end enter the central stage. I loved this performance, she had a great voice and even better energy! In 1 LOVE there was this cage thingy again, and the chairdance and the poles. until that Day... was just like AT07. It was very fun! The whole audience was rocking in it! ^__^

Then they showed this Ayu video before the countdown.

Humming7/4, evolution and Startin':
Yeah I dont know what to say here really. She used the whole catwalk stage running back and fourth and everyone was happy and cheery. I cared the most for Startin'. It was really really fun! ^^

Ayu began in the round stage in the middle of the catwalk, singing teddy bear together with a bear sitting on a wood chair. It was really nice. Ayu teared up a bit too. She was now wearing her encore shirt, with grey skinny leg jeans with hanging braces and black shoes. After this she called in Zin and Subaru and we got to learn a new dance for RED LINE! It was really fun. Ayu messed up once too that everyone found very funny. After this the last songs started. First Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~ with the towel dance, then Boys&Girls where Ayu sang less and less. She didnt even sing those few lines she have done these last couple of years, the audience did most of the work. Anywho, then we finally(sadly) got to the last song RED LINE~for TA~ where everyone did the dance and was happy. She did very well. ^__^

Tomorrow Im going back again, wow Im soooo broke. Anywho, I had a GREAT time tonight and I bet it will be even more special tomorrow!!!

Credit: MissElin_ @ AHS
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