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Thursday, 17 December 2009

[Random] Ayu's Look-a-alike: Ah Yoo Mi A Korean Female Singer

Many people have been mistaking her as Ayu though, despite of almost the same name, since the pronunciation is the same. Well, I found out today that many people think she looks like Ayu on the below picture, recall of something? A BEST 2 album cover, don't you think? minus the almost bald hairstyle though :D

well, Ah Yoo Mi is the A korean girl but she was raised in Japan since 5 years old, guess that her Japanese must be very fluent, then she debuted in Korea as the part of the girl group called "SUGAR", but they are no longer exist then she came back with her solo activities in which year, I'm not sure, she debuted with a Korean cover of Koda Kumi's "Cutie Honey", which people said that she sounded like Ayu.

Here's the music video of "Cutie Honey"

but unfortunately, she was not that success for her solo debut then she was going on hiatus for almost 3 years and probably living in Japan? and finally, she has come back with in Japanese single, "I'm lovin you", a duet with one of the EXILE members, Atsushi.

Well, I'm not a fan of her, just that when People commented that she looks like Ayu on the above pic, i guess that yes she does a little bit, what do you guys think?

Credit: the uploader

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