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Saturday, 14 May 2011

[Fanaccount] 14.05.2011 Hiroshima Day 1: 07.05.2011

Fan reports of AT2011, Hiroshima Day 1 from the Team Ayu forum at Spoilers BBS

For pictures see here

Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 11:23:15

By the way, it’s sunny in Hiroshima now

About 30 people have been queuing for the goods booths since 10am


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 14:11:57

After a 1-month delay, ayu-chan finally welcomes her tour’s opening day without incident.

ayu-chan has also reached Hiroshima safely, on JAL 1607 flight, departing Haneda at 11:28 and arriving in Hiroshima at 12:55.

Though I am not taking part in today’s show myself, I have been excited since morning, sort like like in a festive mood

More under the cut!

Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 15:56:27

After 1pm, the room key was sold out


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 14:24:21

Uploaded on Twitter, ayu-chan as she entered Hiroshima.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 15:27:10

ayu-chan’s wielding her “rain girl” powers

It’s raining in Hiroshima now.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 17:30:07


This is not a complete list, but it seems like this will be this year’s setlist.

However, as the live has yet to begin, this setlist may not be totally reliable.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 18:50:44


The staging this year is said to resemble CDL’s last year.

And then, though the stage front faces South, it affords a good view as long as you are close.

There are also reports that the view from the stands is good too.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 18:55:35

The live hasn’t begun yet, but there seems to be a sudden call for ayu from the audience.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 19:15:43

The opening show for 「ayumi hamasaki ~ POWER of MUSIC ~ 2011A」 at Hiroshima officially started at 19:07!


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 20:18:45


Looking at this seating plan, it seems like the stage is placed right in the centre of the arena. The front of the stage faces Stand D, while the runway stretches back towards Stand I, resembling last year’s CDL stage.

And it seems like the stage is closer to the audience than ever this time.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 20:51:51

The arena before show start.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 21:01:54

The goods booths and venue in the afternoon.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 21:28:58

Day 1 at Hiroshima has ended successfully at 21:20.

Good job~, ayu-chan


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 21:36:29

Looking at the incomplete setlist posted earlier, seems like this tour will be focused mostly on singles songs, and most of the songs have been rearranged.

Could this be due to the sudden change in plans?

There was also no costume change.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 21:52:41

Maybe this live was made with the affected regions in mind?

Thus, there were no costume changes, no encore, no MC and no Thank-you mail. She wanted to convey her message through music alone.

Her hairstyle was short, and make-up natural. Her voice also seemed to be in good condition.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 22:18:20

Sorry for the wait!

Here’s the setlist.

1. forgiveness
2. blossom
4. monochrome
5. fairyland
6. A Song for XX
7. M
9. walking proud
10. part of Me
11. Moments
12. vogue
13. Far away
15. Bold & Delicious
16. Mirrorcle World
17. UNITE!
18. evolution
19. Born To Be…


20. A Song is born


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 22:11:59

The live this time seems to have garnered both positive and negative feedback.

Without MC, costume changes, and tossing of signed balls, the tour does seem a little bare, but many people have submitted positive feedback.

“The setlist rocks!”

“I’ve wanted to see such a simple show”

“The orchestra was really touching”

“Though this wasn’t an extravagant stand-out show, I was touched by ayu’s thoughts and wishes to give support to the victims through song”

and many more.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 22:23:20


I have been stating that there’s no encore, but the last song ♪A song is born♪ was meant to be an encore song.

By the way, it seems like the audience sang along to this song, and ayu-chan cried lots.

The dancers who are taking part in this tour are

Dancers Shu-Ya, ZIN, Maro, Go-Mi, Kazuma, Aki, Midoring, KO, EMI, EKKO

Performers SYU, KUNI, SUKE3


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 7/5/2011 22:36:37

The live this time is not as extravagant as usual.

But ayu-chan seemed to be able to convey her thoughts through songs. Her vocal training has shown results, with her voice coming out and stretching more.

Another highlight is the 23-man orchestra, with instruments like trombones and violins coming together to make wonderful sounds.

By the way, there are reports that songs have been rearranged, with a majority of them having a jazz flavour now.

Credit: truehappiness @ AHS
Translation: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: Ichigo-tan @ Japanese BBS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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