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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

[Info] 11.05.2011 Ayumi Hamasaki POWER of MUSIC 2011 Setlist + Photos

I'm sorry that I'm so late to share these pictures because i just got back from a vacation hehe.

Ayu's wearing very simple outfit for the rest of the show!
it's quite surprising and fresh because it's the first time she does this type of concert.

The setlist is under the cut if you wanna get spoiled hehe~~

01. forgiveness
02. poker face-YOU-Trust-TO BE (added at second show, a cappella surprise section**subject to change at each date?)
03. blossom
05. monochrome
06. fairyland
07. A Song for XX
08. M
10. walking proud
11. part of Me
12. Moments
13. vogue
14. Far away
16. Bold & Delicious
17. Mirrorcle World
18. UNITE!
19. evolution
20. Born To Be...
21. A Song is born

01. forgiveness
Starts off a cappella, and then the 23 piece orchestra comes in. Entire song had acoustic feel to it.

03. blossom
Bossa nova styled, performed along with the dancers.

05. monochrome
06. fairyland
Short versions were performed... was a bit of a medley a la CDL10-11's ballad one I guess?

07. A Song for XX
Felt like acoustic orchestra version. Great intonation on Ayu's part.

08. M
Very jazzy arrangement. Went up an octave in the last chorus and her voice was very beautiful sounding.

Sung in the original key... I think... sounds very close to the CD recording.

10. walking proud
Arrangement was similar to MY STORY Classical. Lots of audience members cried.

11. part of Me
Hasn't been performed in a while, people cheered when it came on. Sung better than recorded version?

- The entire concert went straight through from start to finish with no costume changes, no interludes, and no thank you mail at the end. Ayu also wore very natural makeup and had a simple flesh colored outfit on?
- Some songs were very different from their original versions and are more orchestrated sounding with the 23 piece[?] orchestra (Yay, strings and brass!) and some had a jazz flair to them
- Ayu cried during a song is born
- Most setlists came with this: 衣装着替・MC・アンコール・サンキューメールはありませんでした | There were no costume changes, no MC, no encore, and no thank you mail
- Chisa [knee injury and will not dance anymore], Subaru, 2-YAN, and Kayanocchi were not present at the concert... some have graduated from the dance team (Subaru for sure)
- Born To Be... is when the streamers shot out into the audience
- There are screens in the concert, so they were not axed with the other elements
- Dancers and performers that were present -
ダンサー ☆ シューヤ、ZIN、まろ、ゴーミ、かずま、あき、みどりんぐ、KO、EMI、EKKO | Shu-ya, ZIN, Maro, GO-MI, Kazuma, AKI, Midoring, KO, EMI, EKKO

パフォーマー ☆ SYU、KUNI、SUKE3 | the people who played the clowns at AT10
- The show is about 2 hours long or so?
- from maikaru: Ive been reading on mixi more, and everyone is saying that most songs are not in their original arrangements. For example vogue is now latin style, and blue bird has been slowed to almost a ballad. There is no lasers or explosions, so some people said mirrorcle world is awkward... also bold and delicious seems to have some riffs from identity in it. Finally, many people thought @ the end of the show, that would be the time for mc, and when announce that please exit now etc came, so many people felt like "what??" And didnt know what to say. Its very rare for mixi to agree with ahs, but many people are feeling very mixed. On paper, the songs are great, but many of them are changed almost beyond recognition. (>_<) so... we will have to see. On another note, everyone is commenting how different her voice is,like its new, and they can definitely hear the change.

Credits: various sources + truehappiness @ AHS
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  1. It looks more interesting than I imagine. Please upload more pics from the show.