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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 13.07.2010 Just a small note~

Just a small note~,
13 July 2010. 4:48am

Just a really small one.

I'm so tired~~~~~ My brain and body just keeps going through battle after battle...

The 2nd day at Sendai, everyone had powered up so much, I was just so so happy that I gave it my all. And now, my body is having its own muscle ache "encore". (laugh)

But I have no regrets!!!!!!!!!! (laugh)

But, well, the things I'm creating, are slowly rushing all over me one after another. So recently the days have just been super draining for me...

Yea----- So, I'll be letting myself take a little free time, just a little, and get myself back together again.

I need to power up!!!

Right? ♡

So, please wait a little more for Hong Kong Diaries Part 2 and Fashion Checks.

For me, the thing which goes best with free time is love. Yep, love.

So I slow~ly read all the messages and letters that everyone has sent to me, and heal. Really.

I'm content with that ♡

Thank you for always giving me love.

That's why, I will continue to work hard!!!!!!!!!

And that was me, who is excited over at Twitter.

♡Love TA♡

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