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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

[Translation] Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2009 ~NEXT LEVEL~ DVD Full Translation

Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2009 ~NEXT LEVEL~ DVD Full Translation

Translated by Catzi @ AHS from Chinese text to English text :)

Disc 2

Ayu: Thank you. Yoyogi, how are you? Yoyogi, how are you? How are you? Thank you all for coming today. Having fun? Having fun? Okay. Today is really amazing. From the very first song, everyone’s strength has been here. I want everyone to know. Today is the last day. So until the very end, let’s give it our all. Let’s all sing happily. Okay. Let’s start the MC. Let’s introduce these two: ZIN, Subaru, come on.
Subaru: I’m a loner with a pale face, I’m a loner in the star “Subaru.” (*Subaru=Pleiades)
Ayu: Where are you going? Where are you going? Subaru, today you’re really great. Actually it’s like acting.
Subaru: Because today is the last day, ZIN told me to do this.
Ayu: He told you to throw away the original image.
Subaru: Let’s start. Ayumi Hamasaki’s NEXT LEVEL challenge!!
Ayu: It’s too high pitched.
Subaru: Amazing.
Ayu: Too high pitched. Actually I wanted to sing it.
Subaru: Shhhh…

Full Translation under the cut!

ZIN: Is everyone happy? I’m Ayu.
Ayu: Do whatever you want. Your performance isn’t bad. I wanted to ask why you didn’t come on at the same time. There must be something up. What could it be? You were too high pitched. Don’t talk to me with that on. It’s a bit annoying.
Subaru: Let’s see side by side.
ZIN: But, Ayu, your face is really small.
Subaru: Amazing. You look just like Ayu. This is really annoying.
ZIN: Hello everyone. I’m high pitched dancer ZIN. Please have lots of advice.
Subaru: Okay, next.
Ayu: What are you doing today?
Subaru: Right. The last show, what’s coming?
Ayu: Right.
Subaru: Let’s see today’s prompt. (The whole country picks! Charades) It’s this.
Ayu: I wanted this.
Subaru: Really? Let’s welcome the players: Maro, Shu-ya, come on.
Ayu: Come here, come here. Everyone, welcome Maro and Shu-ya.
Subaru: I want to ask someone else too, can I?
Ayu: Okay.
Subaru: I can?
Ayu: Yes. No problem.
Subaru: They say really smart people have come. That’s right. They’re really skillful, mature adults.
Ayu: Very skilled.
Subaru: Let’s introduce his partner too. The Setagaya rock and roll musicians: Enrique and Yoshio, come on! (*Setagaya is a district in Tokyo)
Ayu: Please do this for the last show. Enrique also. They say Enrique is really popular too.
Subaru: Now, the first team. ZIN’s team, please.
ZIN: Please have lots of advice.
Subaru: Two minutes and one pass is allowed. Now let’s start.
Ayu: Okay. Start.
Subaru: The idea is to interpret. The first team. ZIN’s team will begin. Maro will start. Now… ZIN and Maro.
ZIN: Please have lots of advice.
Subaru: First team. 2 minutes. Ready? Start.
Ayu: Maro, you’re really like a model.
ZIN: Bird. Goldfish.
Subaru: Please look more carefully.
ZIN: Pigeon. Short-tail bird.
Subaru: Please look carefully.
ZIN: Pass.
Subaru: Passed. Next.
Maro: Glove
Subaru: Correct. That’s the sound. A little louder next time please. Next.
ZIN: Harmonica.
Subaru: Correct. No more passes allowed. Next.
Maro: Peacock. Crane. What? Giraffe.
Subaru: Correct. Very good. Next.
ZIN: Beer
Subaru: Correct. Amazing.
Ayu: Just now was really amazing
Subaru: Next
Maro: Bubbles
Subaru: Correct. Really nice. Next.
Ayu: They communicate so well.
ZIN: Wait, wait. Umbrella. Mime.
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Next.
Maro: Banana
Subaru: Correct. Next. Not much time.
ZIN: Elevator
Subaru: No talking. Not much time.
ZIN: Not elevator?
Subaru: No talking.
ZIN: Escalator
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Next.
Maro: Skate fish. Seahorse
Subaru: Sorry. Didn’t hear clearly. Could you say it one more time?
Maro: Seahorse
Subaru: Before?
Maro: Skate fish
Subaru: Correct. It’s a miracle. Unexpected with the limited time.
Ayu: No way. They answered all the prompts?
Subaru: They finished answering all the prompts.
Ayu: Amazing.
Subaru: But…
Ayu: That person also talked.
Subaru: Right.
Ayu: Like during “penguin,” he intentionally made noise. On one hand he was holding back, but then again he made sound.
Subaru: But they passed on the first one.
ZIN: Sorry.
Ayu: Also, when ZIN was doing “banana,” the whole arena was like ecstatic.
ZIN: Am I a monkey.
Subaru: It’s Ayu’s team. Okay. This team is really interesting.
Ayu: Don’t say such things.
Subaru: Sorry, sorry. Here the teamwork is really good. Not bad. Ayu, Shu-ya, ready?
Ayu: Right now, all I see is Shu-ya.
Subaru: 2 minutes. Start.
Ayu: Belt
Subaru: Correct, next
Shu-ya: Ice cream
Subaru: Correct. Really fast. Next.
Ayu: Clock
Subaru: It’s a bit wrong
Ayu: Wristwatch
Subaru: Correct. This is good. Really amazing. Next
Shu-ya: Backpack
Subaru: Correct, next
Ayu: Horseback riding. Horse
Subaru: Correct, amazing, next.
Shu-ya: Octopus. Squid. What is it? Some day room. What is it? Stick?
Subaru: A bit close
Shu-ya: Pass
Subaru: Passed, next.
Ayu: Swimming. Frog. It’s a frog.
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Next.
Shu-ya: Escalator. Elevator
Subaru: Correct. This was a good prompt. Next
Ayu: Guessing game. Lunch box. Microwave. Microwave oven.
Subaru: Correct. But Shu-ya made some noise. Next.
Shu-ya: Computer
Subaru: Correct. Quick. Everything is finished. That was 1min30sec. 10 prompts and passed on 1, making 9 points.
Ayu: Everyone didn’t understand?
Subaru: It was something. Right. Tokyo Tower has two supports. Not bad. Ayu’s team has 9 points. Even though you keep saying you couldn’t, it was obvious your team put in a lot of effort until the end.
Ayu: Until the end, we didn’t give up.
Subaru: The adults are talking and they’re really graceful. Okay. They’re getting up slowly. Rock and roll musicians.
Ayu: Who will start?
Subaru: Who will start? Ah, wait, wait.
Ayu: You can’t
Subaru: It’s too tense. This must be their tactic. It’s like that. Now, Yoshio and Enrique, Setagaya rock and roll musicians, are we ready?
Yo-chan: I can’t pull it up.
Subaru: Really?
Yo-chan: I’ll do my best.
Ayu: It doesn’t seem like that.
Subaru: That’s the right mindset. Now, let’s start. 2 minutes. Start.
Yo-chan: Mahjong. Sushi. Computer game. Cake.
Subaru: You are allowed to pass.
Yo-chan: I stop on this side. Here is a square board. Then, two hands, deep thought, chess.
Subaru: Correct. Wow. Next.
Enrique: Cough. Cold mask.
Subaru: Correct. Nice act. Next.
Yo-chan: Hair bun, airplane, head, byebye, put it on your head, knock knock, byebye, turn, then put it on your head. You start from the bottom and move to your head. A round hat, a safety hat to prevent pain, helmet.
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Really amazing. Next.
Enrique: Traffic light
Subaru: Correct, amazing, next.
Yo-chan: Earring, ear phones, really big put over head earphones.
Subaru: Correct. Next.
Enrique: Para para dance
Subaru: Correct. I kind of want to watch. Next.
Yo-chan: Airplane. Bad youth. Yankee.
Subaru: Correct
Ayu: Actually, that’s true
Subaru: Next
Enrique: Ice cube
Subaru: Correct. Not much time. Next
Yo-chan: Turn, turn, toilet, bird, on the bad is a round shape, chameleon, weasel, squirrel, ah, snail
Subaru: Correct, not much time, next.
Enrique: What is that? Mantis
Subaru: Correct
Ayu: How could you see that?
Subaru: Really amazing. Stop.
Ayu: They finished. Amazing.
Subaru: Really amazing. It was difficult until the end.
Ayu: Really amazing.
Subaru: They finished everything.
Ayu: Really amazing.
Subaru: And also there were some good laughs. Amazing. Anyway, it was an interesting style. Really amazing. Do you want to see who’s 2nd? Okay, now it’s Ayu vs Seta.
Ayu: Who’s going to go first?
Subaru: Let’s decide with rock, paper, scissors.
Ayu: Shu-ya go against Yo-chan
Subaru: Tie. Tie. It’s determined! Yoshio wins.
Ayu: So what do you want?
Subaru: We want to start first.
Ayu: They will start.
Subaru: So, let’s have Setagaya start. What are they discussing?
Yo-chan + Enrique: Please have lots of advice.
Ayu: Wrong, wrong. One person go over there. Just like before.
Subaru: Not bad like this.
Ayu: He likes to cause trouble.
Subaru: We are going to do 5 prompts with 1 minute and no passes. Let’s begin with 1 minute. Yoshio, Enrique, ready, start.
Enrique: Snowman
Subaru: Correct. Fast. Next
Yo-chan: Really annoyed. Angry. Power! There are really long stairs that go around, shoes, wooosh!, let’s go, annoyed, from that side to that side, then that moves, then go, What’s the general idea. I don’t know. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, frost bite
Subaru: Not much time
Yo-chan: Large. Pass
Subaru: Can’t pass
Yo-chan: Oh no. Not much time.
Ayu: Don’t lose hope. Enrique don’t lose hope
Yo-chan: Look at my hair.
Subaru: Want to give up on this one.
Yo-chan: He was angry.
Subaru: No time. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, Thank you very much. Sorry.
Ayu: Enrique, what were you doing? What did it mean?
Enrique: I wanted to say take tiny bits and then multiply to get something large.
Ayu: So it meant tiny steps.
Yo-chan: This means bus station.
Enrique: This was really quick.
Yo-chan: It wasn’t a big noise?
Subaru: It’s tough not being able to pass.
Ayu: Right.
Subaru: Let’s put in lots of effort. Yoshio and Enrique only got 1 prompt. Can Ayu’s team do better? Ready? 1 minute. The microphone’s too high. Someone is here to help. Ayu, Shu-ya, 1 min, ready, start.
Ayu: Torch light
Subaru: Correct, not bad, next
Shu-ya: Tokyo Tower, crab
Subaru: Correct, next
Ayu: Hellp Kitty, what is it?, champagne, cake
Subaru: Please look carefully
Ayu: Waffle, spiked, pineapple
Subaru: Correct, next
Shu-ya: Toyko Tower, emergency exit
Subaru: Correct, amazing, next, not much time
Ayu: Frog
Subaru: Correct, stop. Finished all 5. Really amazing. 55 seconds
Ayu: Thank you everyone
Subaru: There is no doubt right now that the winners are Ayu and Shu-ya. Not bad. You made it all the way to the end. Not bad. I definitely couldn’t continue.
ZIN: Really good
Subaru: I’m speaking for myself. Okay. let’s give a cheer for Setagaya. Thanks. This handshake is great. A very mature manner. Shu-ya, Maro, thanks.
Ayu: Thank you.
Subaru: Everyone is really excited for the last show. This was Ayumi Hamasaki’s NEXT LEVEL challenge!
Ayu: Give a round of applause for ZIN and Subaru. Thanks.
ZIN + Subaru: Thanks
Yo-chan: Ayu. Let’s play. I use to be the MC guy, Yo-chan. I say, I say, I say… I just said “I say” 3 times.
Ayu: It’s such a familiar feeling.
Yo-chan: Since it’s the last show let’s have some fun. Yeah. It’s the last show. Welcome everyone.
Ayu: Absolutely.
Yo-chan: It’s the last show.
Ayu: I want to see myself on TV
Yo-chan: Ayu, because it’s the last show
Ayu: Yes
Yo-chan: So, I want the whole arena to do something
Ayu: Yes
Yo-chan: I want this
Ayu: I just stopped the usual plan and took out my earphones
Yo-chan: Don’t continue yet
Ayu: What do you want?
Yo-chan: This tour started in April. It’s been half a year. It’s a really long tour. We didn’t really get to have fun this time.
Ayu: Like that? How come everyone knows?
Yo-chan: Because we’re a group. We’re a group.
Ayu: For real?
Yo-chan: Yes. This time we didn’t make a wave. We should.
Ayu: I want to see. I want to see.
Yo-chan: But I want to do this. If we make a wave it would be for the last show.
Ayu: That seems good. Yes.
Yo-chan: So, I want to see. From the start we haven’t done this. This time I want to audience to do this. Do this before the next song. Every time Ayu usually say 1 2 1 2 3 4, right? So, this side will start at 1, then 2, then 1 here.
Ayu: 1, 2 is over there.
Yo-chan: Right there. Then it’s 1, and in the middle 2.
Ayu: 2 until the end.
Yo-chan: When that stops, it’s 3 here. Then it’s time to start. Ayu will say 4, right?
Ayu: Me?
Yo-chan: After Ayu says 4, we’ll start. Say it like this. 1 2 1 2 3 4. Then we’ll start the concert.
Ayu: It’s really slow like that
Yo-chan: It’s what we want to do
Ayu: Okay let’s do that
Yo-chan: Please be longer when you say 4
Ayu: I hope it’ll be the same as everyone else.
Yo-chan: The same feeling
Ayu: Yes
Yo-chan: Work hard everyone. Because we need to start the concert, dancers please come one too. Do it all together.
Ayu: Dancers on stage please
Yo-chan: Really fantastic. Very possible
Ayu: Do your best, everyone
Yo-chan: Ready. Now dancers follow along. Now, Hamasaki, please direct.
Ayu: Start. Everyone clap
Yo-chan: 2 has started
Ayu: Effort 2! Amazing, amazing. Beautiful. Work hard 2. Okay. 4~~~~

~ 55:41
Ayu: It’s the end now. This is the last song of the tour. This year was a really long tour. It’s the first time, so it was longer by a lot of time. Together with the crew and staff, there were many happy times, hard times, peaceful times, and disagreements. Perhaps everyone was crying for success. Everyone did a great job and all your smiles were able to reach my heart. And also to be able to be on this stage is because of everyone, each member of the audience. You all welcomed us and were able to send lots and lots of love. Really thank you very much. Now, for the last song of this respectful tour.

~ 1:00:57
Ayu: Let’s introduce the dancers. Please cheer until the very end. First, Locky… etc.
This year, starting from the middle, Yossy really put in a lot of effort. In the beginning, for the first 16 shows, she also put on a beautiful performance, KAERU. Today, she is the same as everyone, blessing us. Thanks KAERU. Also, thanks to the staff. Really thanks. Finally, thanks to all the fans and everyone here. I am singer, Ayu!

Ayu: Please applaud for everyone. They are the best performers and the best staff members. Next time we’ll bring the music again. Thank you. See you next time.

Ayu: This really was an amazing run. Really thank you everybody. Finally, thanks for giving us such a great tour. Thank you very much!

Disc 3

Ayumi Hamasaki’s NEXT LEVEL Challenge!!
(2009.4.11 Saitama Super Arena)
Ayu: Today is the 1st show!
(Everyone is already familiar with “Yeah”)
Yo-chan: Yeah! Welcome to the 1st day of the tour. Even though we just started today, this time the concert seems really long.
Ayu: The last day is in October. It doesn’t seem like it.
Yo-chan: Really long.
Ayu: It’s super long.

(2009.4.12 Saitama Super Arena)
Ayu: Today, I’ve chatted with the usual host. We have decided we want a whole new MC. But really we just decided, so we haven’t discussed it with the new host. Let’s welcome ZIN!
ZIN: I really didn’t hear about this.
Ayu: Because I didn’t say.
ZIN: Eh… yesterday was the first show… I have something I want to know.
Ayu: What is it?
ZIN: What am I speaking here?

(2009.4.15 Nippon Gaishi Hall)
Ayu: On one hand I was singing Rule, on the other I was worrying about what to say during the MC. I was really worried. Yo-chan you’re laughing too hard.
ZIN: I want to ask someone who can really speak to come on stage.
Ayu: So, it’s another transfer?
ZIN: Subaru, come on
Ayu: Ah, this person. What is that look? Can you do that? Can you?
Subaru: I am the unexpected new host, Subara.
Ayu: You’re holding something like a menu.
Subaru: You discovered something very important. Yes.
ZIN: Let’s continue to use this format.
Subaru: I’m an excellent host.

(2009.4.16 Nippon Gaishi Hall)
ZIN+Subaru: Ayumi Hamasaki’s NEXT LEVEL Challenge!
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity. (Prompt: Eye strength) Eye strenght
(Eye Strength Rules: See who can eat a mustard bun)
Ayu: Now let’s have you to go. Please face the back and now turn around. You guys are really… ZIN makes it look super terrible. This is really clear. There’s a person who seems like he can’t take it. He looks like he can’t go on. The person who can eat a mustard bun is… Amazing. This is really amazing. ZIN, could eat that even with his face? Shu-ya, why are you crying? Why? Why? Really crying.

(2009.4.21 Osaka Hall)
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity. (Prompt: Jump Rope) Let’s go. No problem.
Ayu: No problem. Wait. Wait. It’s dangerous. It’s dangerous. No problem. Shu-ya go. Go-mi go. Wait, wait. I have to go too? Wait wait, now? I can’t.
Subaru: Don’t be nervous. Go! Right now you can really see.
Ayu: During this MC, I really risked my life.

(2009.4.22 Osaka Hall)
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity, shall we? (Prompt: Tongue Twister)
Ayu: This one I definitely can’t do.
ZIN: But I feel like it’s going to be okay.
Ayu: Me? I can’t.

(2009.4.25 Shizuoka Ecopa Arena)
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity.
Ayu: What is it today?
Subaru: What is it? (Prompt: Hula Hooping)
Ayu: Ah, hula hooping. This isn’t too great.
Subaru: Let’s ask respectable Nomura to hula hoop.
Ayu: Really?
Subaru: Also, there’s Enrique.
Ayu: He’s never spoken to be about this.
Subaru: Right now, they come from the back.
Ayu: That’s really amazing. Is it possible?
Enrique: Originally, I wanted to do this.
Ayu: Everyone really follows their dreams.

(2009.4.26 Shizuoka Ecopa Arena) - (Note: I didn’t know the names of the dancers talking, so they’re marked with “??”)
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity. (Prompt: AIUEO Composition)
Ayu: AIUEO Composition
(Prompt Note: NEXT LEVEL)
(Use Japanese phonetics)
Ayu: Let’s start with Shu-ya. Start with NE.
Subaru: NE: Even though I’ve just woken up swollen
Ayu: What?
??: KU: Even though I feel pain
Princess: SU: Perhaps even feeling disheartened
Ayu: This sentence seems really harsh
PECO: TO: I can’t help but have these ideas overflow
Subaru: That statement is really pretty. It’s like an opening. Midoring is RE
Ayu: The audience is having fun.
Midoring: Uncle RE, Uncle RE (Uncle RE is from the manga “Genius Idiot Bo”)
Ayu: I’m really hyper now
Subaru: Uncle RE then…?
??: BE: … and Beckham
Ayu: Really amazing. It’s really amazing. It all works together.
??: RU: Listening to Rule, the first song, I feel like I can face the NEXT LEVEL and go forward.
Subaru: That ended really nicely. The most interesting part was Uncle RE and Beckham.

(2009.4.29 Fukui Sundome)
Subaru: Question: The Sundome is in Fukui, Sabae City. What is the special product of this place? 1. Wigs
Ayu: It’s really cute.
Subaru: 2. Bananas
Ayu: Bananas smell good.
Subaru: 3. Glasses, He’s coming from up there.
Ayu: What are you up there?
Subaru: Thank you for coming. 4. Bicycles
Ayu: They all seem like good choices, which one should I choose?
Subaru: He’s choice does seem the best.
Ayu: It’s… glasses.

(2009.5.2 Marine Messe Fukuoka)
Subaru: Ayumi Hamasaki’s NEXT LEVEL Challenge!! Please look. (Prompt: Drawing) It’s this.
ZIN: Drawing
Ayu: My drawing ability isn’t too bad.
Subaru: The prompt is… panda
ZIN: Yes, panda.
Subaru: Panda.
ZIN: Panda.
Subaru: Everyone knows what pandas are.
(In the middle of drawing!)
Subaru: When you’ve finished say so. The prompt is panda. First let’s see Sensei’s drawing.
Ayu: Ah, right. That’s it. Let’s do it together.
Subaru: It’s too great.

(2009.5.3 Marine Messe Fukuoka)
Ayu: This one is new.
ZIN: It’s a bit high.
Ayu: Originally it had the correct appeal. It started like this.
ZIN: Originally I want to reuse it with something, but that failed.

(2009.5.9 Yokohama Arena)
Subaru: Ayumi Hamasaki’s NEXT LEVEL Challenge!!
Ayu: This is actually from the group. You just copied Maro.
ZIN: No. This is the recording room version.
Ayu: I thought you copied Maro. Sorry. I was wrong.
ZIN: This is similar to the group thing.

(2009.5.10 Yokohama Arena)
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity. (Prompt: 123 Blockhead)
(123 Blockhead Rules: 5 rounds total. At the end of each round the dancers much be in interesting poses or they’re out)
Ayu: 123 Blockhead! Everyone looks like they’re in pain. But Maro must really love this move.
Subaru: He must.
Ayu: He really wants to. You see, he really seem great. 123 Blockhead! It seems like someone wants to show off their stomach. It feels like this person is vain.
Subaru: Yes.
Ayu: 123 Blockhead! Shu-ya’s head is really close to a dangerous place.
Subaru: Yes, really close. Let’s continue to the 4th round
Ayu: 123 Blockhead!
Subaru: This is…
Ayu: Wait, wait. There’s a person that’s really strange. Do you feel that you’re really beautiful. Let’s do this one more time.
Subaru: Last time.
Ayu: 123 Blockhead!

(2009.5.13 Sekisui Heim Ice Arena)
Subaru: Question: Who is this a picture of? Please have a look. There are 3 pictures total. The 2nd!
Ayu: Wait. It’s the same person?
Subaru: It’s the same.
Ayu: I don’t know who. The 3rd please.
Subaru: The 3rd photo. This one is really great.
Ayu: What kind of pose is that?
Subaru: Please look at these 3 pictures. You can tell he’s a really happy person. Please answer.
Ayu: No way. It’s Maro?
Subaru: Really great. Looking at it this way, there’s no doubt.
Ayu: There’s a resemblance. It’s the same.

(2009.5.16 Hiroshima Green Arena)
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity. (Prompt: Reflex Nerves Competition)
Ayu: Ah, I don’t have any. I don’t have any nerves.
Subaru: Raise the red flag. Raise the white flag. Put down the red flag, white flag. Don’t raise the white flag. Not bad.
Ayu: ZIN, come instruct. Subaru, come do this.
(To add to the challenge: Speed)
ZIN: Let’s begin like this.
Ayu: We must trouble ZIN with this. I’ll put down the mic.
ZIN: Raise red. Wait a moment. Because I suddenly have to direct, I don’t know what to say. One more time. Raise red. Raise white. Put down white. Don’t bring down white.
Ayu: You can’t handle it.

(2009.5.17 Hiroshima Green Arena)
Subaru: Request! Ayu, please play a drawing game with the dancers. (Prompt note: Cactus) Ready? Start. There’s someone applauding. You can’t turn around. 4321 stop. What? Next. Can he do it? Ready? Start. Right. (Ah~!?) Not bad. How old is the artist? It’s okay. Like that. Stop. 2-Yan has finished drawing this. Not bad. It’s acceptable.
Ayu: The audience seems to dislike it. 2-Yan’s drawing is a bit strange, right?
Subaru: Ready? Start. I’m looking forward to Shu-ya and Ayu, because they don’t know.
ZIN: There are more decorations with each passing.
Subaru: Stop
Ayu: From the reaction, Maro’s drawing is good.
Subaru: Right. There is just these two left. Shu-ya ready. Start. Okay, okay. Not bad.
ZIN: Same as mine.
Subaru: Show it to the camera.
Ayu: The audience had a very happy feeling.
Subaru: There are lots of decorations. Okay. Stop. Not bad. Please draw and then say what it is after.
Ayu: I’ll draw it.
Subaru: 15 seconds. Not bad. Very peaceful. It’s like that. This can’t be…
Ayu: Is this drawing okay?
Subaru: Stop. Please show it.
Ayu: Cactus.
Subaru: Correct
Ayu: Really simple to draw
Subaru: Amazing.
Ayu: Like this it’s not fun
Subaru: Eh~!?

(2009.5.27 Nippon Gaishi Hall)
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity! (Prompt: 123 Blockhead!) Last time was so great that we brought it back.
(123 Blockhead Rules: When Ayu stops, the dancers need to do strike strange poses)
Ayu: 123 Blockhead! Again we use this weird pose.
Subaru: Right.
Ayu: But there’s some who’s really vain, right?
Subaru: Right
Ayu: The stomach has come out again. Now let’s start round 2. 123 Blockhead! So we say. There’s someone really strange, right?
Subaru: Really amazing. It’s like this. Really feel like the time changed.
Ayu: What’s up with that finger?
Subaru: Let’s start.
Ayu: Round 3. 123 Blockhead! 123 Blockhead! You can’t do that.
Subaru: 5th round. Didn’t know you could do it together.
Ayu: You can’t. 123 Blockhead! Ah. Touched it.
Subaru: Amazing.
Ayu: Did we film it?
Subaru: Can’t tell who is the victor.
Ayu: This one was really close.
Subaru: Really great.

(2009.5.28 Nippon Gaishi Hall)
Subaru: Request: Ayu, please play charades with the dancers. Very difficult. Let’s have ZIN start.
ZIN: Okay. I’ll be the guide
Subaru: Ready. Start.
ZIN: Broadcast exercises. (Japanese schools do morning exercises)
Subaru: Correct. Please switch. Okay. Next.
Maro: Crab
Subaru: Correct.
Ayu: Amazing.
Subaru: This is really quick. Next.
ZIN: Guitar
Subaru: Amazing. Next
Maro: PK Soccer. Hit.
Subaru: Correct. There’re 30 seconds. Next.
ZIN: Baseball. Golf
Subaru: Correct. Fast. Next.
Ayu: This is was really difficult. What is it? I don’t understand.
Maro: Flower. UFO.
Ayu: What are you doing this? What is it?
Subaru: 54321. Stop.
Ayu: During ZIN’s turn, what was that? Why were you doing this?
ZIN: I wanted to seem like sprouting.
Ayu: I’m counting on you, Shu-ya
Subaru: Let’s continue with Ayu. Time limit, 1 minutes. Ready? Start.
Ayu: Telephone
Subaru: What kind? Not yet, not yet.
Ayu: Cellphone
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next
Shu-ya: Soba. Bird nest. Ramen
Subaru: Correct. This is a nice speed. Next
Ayu: Sushi
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. 4th.
Shu-ya: Karaoke. Microphone.
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Really fast. Go.
Ayu: Maro? Pass
Subaru: From now on, no more passes. Next
Shu-ya: Chin, what is it?, monkey
Subaru: Correct. Fast. Next.
Ayu: Camera. Photo. Photographer. Video camera. Digital camera.
Subaru: Correct. Stop.
Ayu: In the middle, I was a little confused.
ZIN: During monkey, you pointed at Maro.
Ayu: No, I pointed at you.
ZIN: Me? Me? No way.

(2009.6.6 Heim Ice Arena)
Ayu: ZIN, Subaru, Come on!
ZIN: Nothing to talk about
(After 30 minutes didn’t really talk about anything)

(2009.6.7 Heim Ice Arena)
Ayu: Zin, Subaru, Come on
ZIN: I am the Northern Island
Ayu: Did you make this yourself?
ZIN: Right. I did. Today I decided to put it on for the performance.
Ayu: It must feel good to use this prop.
ZIN: Kind of.

(2009.6.13 Kobe World Kinen Hall)
Subaru: Everyone sing together.
Ayu: All together
Audience: Happy birthday
Ayu: Happy birthday, Shu-ya. Happy birthday!

(2009.6.14 Kobe World Kinen Hall)
Subaru: Request: Please play charades with the dancers. Ready? Start.
Ayu: Really pretty.
ZIN: Shower.
Subaru: Correct. Switch. Next.
Ayu: This one is really hard.
Maro: Salute. Bodyguards. Navy. Police.
Subaru: Correct. Really fast. Next.
ZIN: Whale
Subaru: Correct. Really amazing. Next
Maro: Golf
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Really quick. Good team work. Next
ZIN: Banana
Subaru: Correct. Fast. Next
Maro: Shooting star
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Fast. Next
ZIN: Fishing
Subaru: Correct. This is great. Next
Ayu: Maro, don’t forget that vanity feeling.
Maro: Sturgeon
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Not many left. Next
Ayu: So fast
ZIN: You?
Subaru: Not much time left
ZIN: Singer. CD
Subaru: Stop
ZIN: That was unexpected. Can I ask what that just karaoke? Karaoke isn’t like this. This is like you.
Subaru: Right. Ayu’s turn. Ready? Start.
Ayu: Soba. Ramen.
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Next
Shu-ya: Afro. Lion.
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next
Ayu: Poker
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Fast. Next
Shu-ya: Swimming
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next
Ayu: Ice skating. Roller skating.
Subaru: It’s close
Ayu: Rollerblading
Subaru: It’s close. Next guess
Ayu: Figure skating
Subaru: Correct. Next
Shu-ya: Sumo
Subaru: Correct. Not bad.
ZIN: Good work, good work.
Subaru: Next
Ayu: Drums
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Next
Shu-ya: Start a fight. Hit watermelons
Subaru: Correct. Quickly, almost no time. Next. Careful with this one.
Ayu: Snake. Wild hammer snake*. (*Japanese mythical creature) What is it?
Subaru: This one was hard. You didn’t know what it was. Did you really see a wild hammer snake?

(2009.6.18 Yoyogi Stadium 1st Stage)
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity. (Prompt: Drawing)
Ayu: I see. It’s here.
Subaru: Really celerbrated.
Ayu: By who?
Subaru: Work hard. This time let’s add some outsiders. Maro, Shu-ya, Yoshio-san.
Ayu: It’s Yo-chan for the outside!
Subaru: The prompt. (Hello Kitty) Start
(In the middle of drawing!)
Ayu: Hey. Are there 2 bows?
Subaru: The prompt is Hello Kitty.
Ayu: I have a lot. Think quickly.
Subaru: Stop. You can’t look.
Ayu: Sorry. Yo-chan’s drawing is probably a really terrible…
Subaru: Yes. I just saw.
Ayu: There’s no resemblance at all. Really sorry.
Subaru: Let’s start from the outside. Ready. Go.
Ayu: Nice drawing. It’s this one. Ah. There’s no mouth. I also had no problems, then suddenly I didn’t know.
Subaru: Let’s finish it all off and see Hamasaki’s drawing. How cute.
Ayu: It’s not much and a bit wrong. Whiskers?
Subaru: It’s like a propeller. It’s a propeller. It’s okay. It can fly.
Ayu: Ah? I drew a bow.
Subaru: Looking at it, they’re all friends.
Ayu: Maro’s good. ZIN’s too. They all family, right? They all have the bows. Finally, let’s see Shu-ya’s.
Subaru: Go. He’s got whiskers….

(2009.6.20 Yoyogi Stadium 1st Stage)
Ayu: ZIN, Subaru, Come on
ZIN: Quick, stop me.
Ayu: I purposely didn’t

(2009.6.21 Yoyogi Stadium 1st Stage)
(Prompt: The greatly acclaimed game, Charades)
Subaru: It’s here again. Charades time.
ZIN: It’s here. Charades.
Subaru: I wanted to ask some more people to joined in, so this time I’ve called upon Setagaya. Setagaya duo, please come forward. Yo-chan and Enrique. Please welcome, Setagaya.
Ayu: That’s the No No No move.
Subaru: Ready? Start.
ZIN: Put on makeup. Clock.
Subaru: Correct.
Ayu: Unexpectedly right.
Subaru: Next
Maro: Umbrella
Subaru: Correct.
Ayu: Amazing
Subaru: Fast. Next
ZIN: Surf
Subaru: Fast. Correct. ZIN’s amazing.
Ayu: It’s here. It’s here. ZIN’s wonderful Charades power. Start.
Maro: Tunnel. Pass.
Subaru: Passed! Next
ZIN: Stroll. Doggie. Vacuum.
Subaru: Correct. There was some cheating.
Ayu: I heard he made a sound.
Subaru: Next. No talking please.
Maro: Microwave oven.
Subaru: Correct
Ayu: Amazing.
Subaru: Next. No talking.
Ayu: No sounds
ZIN: Meat bun. Red bean bun. Steamed bun. Red bean. Yolk. Boiled egg.
Ayu: Keep going
ZIN: Is it snowman?
Ayu: Keep going
ZIN: Meatball
Ayu: Maro don’t be weak
Subaru: Not enough time
Ayu: There must be a simpler method
ZIN: Donut
Subaru: Correct. Next
Maro: Cat.
Subaru: Correct. Next
ZIN: Ladder. What?
Subaru: Stop
Ayu: That one doesn’t count. There were noises. No way.
Subaru: It gave a beautiful feeling.
Ayu: During donut there was talking.
Subaru: Start
Ayu: Volleyball
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Next
Shu-ya: Brush teeth
Subaru: Correct. Very quick. Next
Ayu: Ice cream
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Smart. Next
Shu-ya: Bicycle. Motorcycle. Sheep. Pass
Subaru: Quick pass. Next
Ayu: Scoop. Catch goldfish
Subaru: Correct. Next. You can’t pass anymore.
Shu-ya: Camel
Subaru: Correct. How could you guess that? Amazing. Next
Ayu: Diving
Subaru: Correct. Very amazing. Next
Shu-ya: Boys and girls
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next
Ayu: Snowman
Subaru: Fast. Correct. Next. It’s not east
Shu-ya: Dragonfly.
Subaru: Ayumi Hamasaki is doing weird moves.
Shu-ya: Flyfish
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next. That was the last one. Very amazing. Only 30 seconds left.
Ayu: This MC session takes a lot of strength
Subaru: It’s the first time I’ve seem Ayu’s stomach on the floor
Ayu: What?
Yo-chan: Can we please forfeit?
Subaru: Forfeit?
Ayu: Can’t pass
Yo-chan: Definitely can’t do this.
Ayu: Do your best
Subaru: Not bad. Ready? Start.
Enrique: Boxing
Subaru: Correct. That’s the correct sound. Next
Yo-chan: Soba. Cold soba. Mahjong.
Ayu: Kind of cold
Yo-chan: It’s not me. It’s not me. I’m Enrique.
Ayu: Right now we’re guessing. What are you doing? Don’t play around. No, no, pass.
Subaru: Passed. Next.
Enrique: Gum.
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next.
Yo-chan: Backpack.
Subaru: Correct. Next.
Enrique: Quit. Chicken.
Subaru: Correct.
Ayu: That’s what Yo-chan looks like chickening out.
Subaru: Next
Yo-chan: Turning around
Subaru: Correct. Next
Enrique: Ape
Subaru: Correct. Fast
Ayu: Adults take this seriously.
Subaru: Next
Yo-chan: Bonzai. Hold up. Hold up. Volleyball. Call someone.
Subaru: Correct. Next
Enrique: Skiing
Subaru: Correct.
Ayu: Amazing. They’re very difficult prompts.
Yo-chan: Long jump. Vault
Subaru: Correct.
Ayu: Amazing
Subaru: Next. That was the last one.
Ayu: I can suddenly imagine Enrique vaulting
Subaru: Very amazing

(2009.7.1 Osaka Hall)
Subaru: Ayumi Hamasaki’s NEXT LEVEL Challenge!!
Ayu: There’s so much love today.
Subaru: Request: Today is July 1st, correct?
ZIN: Right. July 1st
Subaru: There’s a sudden commotion.
Ayu: I think I know what it is
Subaru: I would like to hear the song July 1st. The weather is really nice. Really nice.
ZIN: Please everyone wave together.
Ayu: July 1st. Wave like this for July 1st/
ZIN: Right like this.
[July 1st]

(2009.7.2 Osaka Hall)
Subaru: Please look. (Prompt: Hyper Jump Rope)
ZIN: It’s here.
Subaru: This time it’s hyper
Ayu: I’m not happy
Subaru: 123 jump, then on 4 do a “V” sign, 567, then on 8 do this.
Ayu: Do that?
Subaru: Right. 9 and then after the 10th jump strike a pose. 1st person go. 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Once Shu-ya joins, start counting. 123 V 567 “ieeee” 9 Pose! It’s over. This was really successful. Everyone has their own pose
Ayu: Sorry, but this person’s stomach has appeared again

(2009.7.8 Nippon Gaishi Hall)
(Note: This is Nagoya!)
Ayu: Osaka… Nagoya, how are you?
ZIN: What were you saying earlier?
Ayu: I wanted to ask how the people who came from Osaka were doing.
Ayu + ZIN: It’s like that. It’s like that.

(2009.7.9 Nippon Gaishi Hall)
Subaru: Today’s activity is? (Prompt: Charades)
ZIN: It’s here.
Subaru: Today there are Setagaya people participating.
Ayu: They’re super natural at this.
Subaru: Peco and Yoko
Ayu: Today’s it’s actually Princess.
Subaru: Ready? Start
ZIN: Miniskirt
Ayu: What was that last thing?
ZIN: Miniskirt
Subaru: Correct. Next
Maro: Hitting watermelons. Watermelons
Subaru: Correct. Next
ZIN: Rose
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next
Maro: Wii
Subaru: Come on
Ayu: ZIN’s doing this
Maro: Remote
Subaru: Correct. Next
ZIN: Lipstick
Subaru: Correct. Fast. Next
Maro: Binocular. Bifocals. Glasses
Subaru: Correct. It’s loud. Next
ZIN: Sofa. Bubble bath
Subaru: Correct.
Ayu: Amazing. Amazing
Maro: Not enough time. Somen. Soba. Sauce.
Subaru: Stop
Ayu: You showed a lot of strength. I think Maro cheated the first time. It was saying to ZIN, “Miniskirt”
Subaru: Ayu’s turn. 1 minute. Ready? Start
Ayu: Tie. Collar. Scarf
Subaru: Correct. Next
Subaru: Rabbit
Shu-ya: Correct. Cute. Next
Ayu: Tie
Subaru: Correct. Such a similar prompt. Next
Shu-ya: Yo-chan. Guitar. Bass. Enrique
Subaru: Correct. Accidently said his name. Next
Ayu: Elevator
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Next
Shu-ya: Eh? Wild hammer snake. Miso soup. What? Pass.
Subaru: Passed. Next
Ayu: Photo message
Subaru: Correct. This one was a bit creative. Next
Shu-ya: Flute. Recorder. Trumpet. Saxophone. Recorder. Whistle.
Subaru: Not much time.
Shu-ya: What, what. Today isn’t good. Sound. Bubbles.
Subaru: Sorry. Stop.
ZIN: It’s our turn to criticize you now. What was that just now? We saw it really clearly. Shu-ya put in a lot of effort to say “Photo message.” It was doing this, but saying it too.
Subaru: 1 minutes. Ready? Start.
PECO: Judo
Subaru: Correct
Ayu: Amazing.
Subaru: Next
Princess: Remote
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next
PECO: Message
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next
Princess: Scared. Ear. Movement. This is tough. Pass
Subaru: Passed. Next. No talking
PECO: Kite
Subaru: Correct. Not bad. Next
Princess: Sandwich
Ayu: Amazing. This is getting dangerous.
Subaru: Next
PECO: Basket
Ayu: Can’t say it
Subaru: Not much time
Ayu: You can’t pass again.
Subaru: Can’t pass. No time left. Stop. Is it palanquin?
Ayu: Really like a night-time thief.

(2009.7.28 Osaska Hall)
Subaru: Question: On Team Ayu’s homepage, you said you wanted to go see fireworks. Did you get to play?
Ayu: I did go. Yesterday, I went to see fireworks.
Subaru: Does everyone want to see? Even though it’s really sudden, here it comes: Following Ayumi Hamasaki!
ZIN: This is what they use to say
Ayu: Can it be a cute picture?
Subaru: It’s cute.
Ayu: This is amazing. I’m holding these glasses that if you look into the light you can see these bread figures. Lots and lots of figures.
ZIN: This?
Ayu: Right. These are Hello Kitty ones. Really fun.
Subaru: You have to use bright light to see this kind of thing. It has this kind of feeling.
Ayu: Right, right. It’s like that.
ZIN: Amazing. I see Hello Kitty.
Ayu: It’s really Hello Kitty. Really amazing. Ah, the fans are all holding blue lights. Please look at the blue lights.
ZIN: Amazing. Really amazing. I can see.
Ayu: It’s like seeing Hello Kitty everywhere.
ZIN: Have a look
Ayu: Cool. Lots of Hello Kitty. So cool. So many kitties.
ZIN: So happy.
Ayu: It’s says for over 6 years. Target age is 6 years and older.
ZIN: Over 6 years are still extremely happy.

(2009.7.29 Osaka Hall)
Subaru: Today’s activity! (Prompt: Charades)
ZIN: It’s here again
(Osaka related questions, 2 questions, 30 seconds)
Subaru: Ready? Start
Yo-chan: Takoyaki
Subaru: Correct. Next
Ayu: Amazing. Really fast
Enrique: Full
Subaru: Correct.
Ayu: Amazing. Suddenly can just get it
Subaru: Amazing.
Ayu: We were just saying at the end, that we’re glad that wasn’t ours
Subaru: Amazing. Ready? Start
Ayu: Baseball. Hanshin tigers
Subaru: Correct. Next
Shu-ya: Squid
Subaru: It has to do with Osaka
Shu-ya: Babel tower
Subaru: Correct.I’ve seen some difficult ones.
Ayu: You can’t do Babel tower

(2009.10.3 Marine Messe Fukuoka)
Subaru: Is everyone ready? Sound really good.
(The public event for the day after her birthday)
Ayu: Thank you very much. Thanks. Everyone’s song was really good.
Subaru: Sang really well.
Ayu: I’m surprised. Really amazing.
Subaru: Here’s a special cake
Ayu: Thanks. When we just started, although there were many things to handle, we held the 1st concert for everyone in 1999 at Akasaka BLITZ. During that time there was a song. It was the first and last time I sang it. This is from the 1st album. It’s “Present.” Can I sing it?
Subaru: Let’s have Ayu sing it
Ayu: Thank you. Okay. Let’s start. [Present] Thank you. Thank you everyone.

(2009.10.4 Marine Messe Fukuoka)
Subaru: Let’s see today’s activity. (Prompt: Popular Choice Charades)
ZIN: Again?
Subaru: Ready? Start.
ZIN: Mixture. Absorb. Egg. Raw egg. Can we start from the top? What is it?
Subaru: 1 minute has passed
ZIN: Pass
Subaru: Passed. Next
Maro: What? Do it quickly
Ayu: Do you best. Do it quickly
Maro: Can I pass?
Subaru: It’s the second time
Maro: Special pass
Subaru: Next
ZIN: Really spicy. Ming Prince (*Pepper & spices seasoned fish, Japanese/Korean dish)
Subaru: Correct. Next
Maro: Oh yeah. Singer. I.. I.. what is it? Karaoke.
Subaru: Correct. Maro loves that one. Next
ZIN: Contacts
Subaru: Correct. Not bad, but not much time left. Next.
Maro: Message
Subaru: Correct. Can you finish?
ZIN: Ferris wheel
Subaru: Last one. Stop
Ayu: Why? There was clearly no more time
Subaru: ZIN said it right as time was called
Ayu: Too close
ZIN: Wait, wait. Can I ask was that suppose to be a convenience store?
Subaru: Ready? Start.
Ayu: Onigiri
Subaru: Correct. Fast. Next
Shu-ya: Scare. Fireworks. Wave. Flower. Sunflower
Subaru: Today is tough. Making sound effects and not guessing.
Shu-ya: Use pass? Pass.
Subaru: Next
Ayu: Sushi. Cake. Pancake. Osaka fire.
Subaru: Just a bit
Ayu: Pizza
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next
Shu-ya: Octopus
Subaru: Correct. Amazing
Ayu: Cockpit. Punk head.
Subaru: Don’t point to me. Next.
Shu-ya: Weed
Subaru: That’s an old fashion answer
Shu-ya: Vacuum
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next
Ayu: Ballot
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next.
Shu-ya: Rollercoaster
Subaru: Correct. Amazing. Next.
Ayu: Pasta. Coffee.
Subaru: Correct. 43210. Today’s octopus was amazing.

(2009.10.21 Yoyogi Stadium 1st Stage)
(Prompt: Jump Rope)
Ayu: This is great. It uses a lot of strength.
Subaru: After you start jumping, we’ll play rock, paper, scissors. After we shoot, the next person will join in. Rock, paper, scissors. Good. Next.
Ayu: Maro isn’t it dangerous?
Subaru: Rock, paper, scissors. Okay. ZIN
Ayu: Go ZIN. Do you best Maro
Subaru: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors. Ayu
Ayu: I’m coming.
Subaru: 123 Not bad. Ayu, you can jump on his back?

Credit: Catzi @ AHS
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