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Friday, 30 July 2010

[Blog] Gackt Mentioned About Going To Ayu's RnRC Tour At Nagoya 26.06.2010

how sweet! Gackt mentioned through his blog that he did go to one of Ayu's Rock 'n' Roll Circus Tour at Nagoya!

Here's the blog entry, translated version :)

June 26th 2010

Back at practising

Today from the sky above Nagoya

Since Ayu (Hamasaki Ayumi) will hold a concert in Nagoya today, I thought why not go watch it. Because she's currently staying in Nagoya with her tour. During the lives and in between the lives there's usually a lot of work to do, but today is practising day. If you wonder what kind of practise it is, I practise flying a helicopter. A helicopter.
Since I want to get a pilot's licence for the helicopter, I'm in the middle of practising right now. Unfortunately the sky's cloudy, sometimes it rains. Mah, because flying a helicopter is a bit dangerous I couldn't stay in the air for a very long time, but it's definitely fun. Whenever I'm at such a high place my heart becomes really clear. After the practise, I'll go watch Ayu's concert. It's been a while since I last met Ayu...

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Original source: Gackt's Official Blog
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