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Friday, 23 July 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 21.07.2010 - 22.07.2010

Onwards to Yoyogi...
21 July 2010. 4:06am

With these nails ☆

For my hands, I'm doing the self-proclaimed smash-hit tie-dye pattern again. It's done by mixing a thin layer of pink with milk white base.

My pedicure is the opposite of the nails, with a large portion of pink as the base, mixed with some white.

More under the cut!


Basically, the hand is more reserved, while the foot is all-out flashy. I really like this sort of coordination--

But, because this will be for the stage, maybe it'll be better if we add some more decorations on... Well, that'll be Minazou's and my homework for today.

Everyone, if you have any advice, do let me know-- ♡

When on my way back from Kobe, Zin-san sent me a mail-message that made my heart pound so hard.

Even if I get caught up in these last few hard days...

I will still go on--!

They're done ☆
22 July 2010. 8:02pm

After receiving looooooooooooooots of advice from everyone, Minazou and I discussed it over and came up with nails like this~ ♪



I really really love it~~~~ ♡

Leaving the tie-dye pattern as a base, we added silver and gold spangled linings to the side, enclosing the tie-dye inside a box ☆

And one nail on the right and two on the left are completely covered with the silver and gold glittery glitter ☆

Satisfied-- ♪

But, you know, I keep wondering everytime. Minazou is so tall, and so well-built too. It amazes me how, with such a huge body, he can always manage to make such delicate masterpieces on my nails...

Hey hey, Armageddon, what do you think? Be honest.


Minazou "Eh? Did you say something???"

Me "Nope, nothing. Did I~???"

Captions for this photo (laugh) ↓


Ndabayo~n-- ♨

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Team Ayu
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