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Thursday, 16 September 2010

[Article] 15.09.2010 Citra Club News: Brazilian Online Music News Talks About "Crossroad"


Listen to the full the new single from Ayumi Hamasaki, "Crossroad"
15/09/2010 - 14:45
Of writing, by Diego Marques
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Ayumi Hamasaki has released 11 albums and more than 80 clips in 16-year career

The new single by the Japanese Ayumi Hamasaki, "Crossroad", will be officially released only on September 22, but the song title of the single can already be heard in full over the Internet.

This is the 49th single by the singer and the second a series of three commemorative releases, ending with the premiere of the 50th single from Ayumi, "L" provided pro 29th of this month.

The single "Crossroad" will be marketed in Japan in two versions, plus an issue with CD and DVD.

Both versions of the single "Crossroads" contains a cover of "Seven Days War", originally released pala band TM Network in 1998. Besides the cover, the single will be the instrumental versions of two songs and a remix of the track "Blossom," which is present in the single that preceded "Crossroad", "MOON / blossom."

Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the most successful singers in Japan and has a fan base consolidated in various parts of the world, including Brazil.

Although his songs were not officially released here, the fans use the Internet to meet the latest work of the singer. Ayumi has 31 years and has released 11 albums and more than 80 clips in 16-year career.

Listen under the singer's new track, "Crossroad"
(The put the song on a player)

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