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Friday, 17 September 2010

[Ranking] 17.09.2010 Recochoku Latest Ranking: The Most Suitable To Wear A Wedding Dress

The wedding season starting in the Fall, On 17th September, Recochoku has released the result of users' voting, "The artists who look good in the wedding dress" ranking.

The artist who collects the most votes is Ayumi Hamasaki, who is popular among the fans with "M", in which she's wearing the dress on Music Video, TV and Live performance. It's the image of "Ayumi Hamasaki's dress" that seems to be established. The internet user said, "it's fascinated for me to see the variety of dresses during Live", "looks like a doll in pretty white dress", and the other comments are received.

The rest are Kana Nishino, Kaela Kimura, Namie Amuro followed the ranking. Top 10 are seleceted because the artists are ranked in three categories:

- The wedding song that's released (Kaela Kimura, Namie Amuro, BENI)
- Wearing the white dress during performance (Ayumi Hamasaki, Kana Nishino, Kumi Koda)
- Who are married in real life (Kaela Kimura, love Otsuka, Ayaka)

As the full list of ranking is here:

1st : Hamasaki Ayumi
2nd : Kana Nishino
3rd : Kimura Kaela
4th : Namie Amuro
5th : YUI
6th : Koda Kumi
7th : Yui Aragaki
8th : BENI
9th : Ootsuka Megumi
10th: Ayaka

Credit: oukaku @ Ayu China
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