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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

[Article] 21.09.2010 Ayu, A Challenge To Pose Half-Naked, Using The Arm & Hand As A Clothing To Cover Up

It was announced on 19th that singer Ayumi Hamasaki(31) is showing her semi-naked body in November issue of the fashion magagine "ViVi." (on release 22nd, Kodansha) Hamasaki has had her serialization, "Ayu's Deji Deji Diary", since 2000 in the magazine. As she will release 50th single "L" becoming turning point, anniversary feature articles appear in October to December issues. This time as 2nd plan, Hamasaki made a suggestion by herself and said "Something suitable article for anniversary!" So daring "Hand-bra" takes realized.
She is congratulated? 50th single becoming a turning point by herself and pitched in. She has continued her serialization for 10 years, so the magazine planed "~50th Single Countdown Anniversary for the 3 issues Running~." From the meeting stage, she said "Will we try to something hard-hitting more than usual like anniversary?" From her thinking that "It is wonderful if nude become a fashionable photo.", this daring take realized.
In the feature articles of November, 4 semi naked takes will appear over 10 pages. Ayu showed herself hiding her bust with hair on jacket pictures of single "appears" and album "LOVEppears" sold at one time. However this is the first time she shows her serious semi naked.
The filming was done at the beginning of August right after the national tour finished on July 25th. Without a stitch of clothing, she showed her trim body for tour and hide her full bust with right arm only. It was a full of art and become works we could call them "memorial works." After the filming, Ayu told "Nude is my "current" mood." In the magazine, she is speaking her current mind and saying "Now, something I want to describe is, not elaborated things, more simple and human things." as a artist.
※Kodansha・・・Kodansha Ltd. One of Japanese publishing company

Credit: reikami @ Ayu China
Translated by Yukiko T
Shared by Ayu's Story
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