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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

[Official] Rock 'n' Roll Blog Update 16.09.2010 - 22.09.2010

I know that we've been not updating Rock 'n' Roll Blog entries frequently, due to lack of Japanese-English translators, but now, we've started to share each blog updates again since we've found a nice Japanese friend to help us for the translating job. So, here we go again :)

Here will be massive updates from the Rock 'n' Roll Blog Entries starting from 16.09.2010 until 22.09.2010

L.A Diary☆Spin-off★
16.09.2010 (Thu) 19:16 PM


From ayu's diary in official fan site Team Ayu,

The person who made leader Ayu's very cute, curly hair is...

This man ↓↓↓


change his name to




He is more soothing man than Shirotan.

See you again  ̄y ̄)ノ~~

From A staff Minazou

More under the cut!

『crossroad』Will Release in 5 More Day!!
17.09.2010 (Fri) 15:01 PM

With 『crossroad』and『L』's releasing for the 2weeks running near at hand, A team is keeping running around,

but we're going ahead with the rehearsal of 7days concert on October and so on at once steadily.

It seems that some items be added,

Mayuzumi-san who is taking in charge of items, she is also keeping running around from morning to evening!!

I usually can't take a picture of her, but I tried to take Mayuzumi-san picture secretly.



I couldn't take key her face...

I need more skills, sorry m(__)m

From such Mayuzumi-san of items team,

Also items added this time, will not meet your expectations, absolutely!!

I recieved this forceful words from her!

Everyone, don't miss it please ♪(▼∀▼)-☆

See you again♪

From A staff Minazou

Filming of a Music Program♪
18.09.2010 (Sat) 23:42 PM

The other day, there are filming of a music program!!

Next to Gori fixing up leader Ayu's makeup,

I found the man who is facing to where I don't know!! Σ(°Д°;


leaving that strange man (laugh),
I zoomed in the leopard PEACH JOHN cosmebag we're using for filming scene!!

Our hair team, makeup team and nail team,

we're using habitually this cosmebag each diffelently colors♪

I recommend you to this bag, because it is cute and sturdy!!

So, about key music program (laugh),

we will inform on the official site (http://avexnet.or.jp/ayu/index.html),

the official fan club (http://teamayu.com/index.html) as soon as airdate is decide,

please don't miss it☆


Succeeded in taking a photo!!!(-∀-。) ♪

See you again!!

From A staff Minazou

20.09.2010 (Mon) 20:56 PM

Official releasing day is 22nd, but...

Tomorrow, 21st is...

The day 49th single 『crossroad』is going to arrive at stores!!!!


All of cover picture, lyrics, melody and music video,

it is fulled with producer's.

Everyone, please take it each sensibility, and breath new life into them!!

See you★


From A staff Minazou

H, Hey!!!!
21.09.2010 (Tue) 14:10 PM

At the ground selling floor of SHIBUYA TSUTAYA

Brilliantly glasses☆ Ayumi Hamasaki used in 『crossroad』's cover picture

is exhibiting!!!!

This is the real thing, the real thing~~!!!!!!

※This limited exhibition is scheduled until October 4th.

Anyone who want to watch this can watch this from very up close,

Don't miss out this valuable chance!!!

From A staff Minazou

Today, September 22nd is♪
22.09.2010 (Wed) 13:10 PM

49th single☆★☆★

Releasing day of 『crossroad』!!!!!!!

I think some people have already gotten,

if you haven't gotten yet, go to CD shop!!!

In addition,

VoCE November issue

ViVi November issue

They are also loved and now selling!!

Both of them is including photos you must be fascinated

and inserting the rewarding interviews!!

Go to bookstore right now!!!!

From A staff Minazou

Original source: Rock 'n' Roll Blog
Translated by Yukiko. T
Shared by
Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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