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Sunday, 12 September 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 12.09.2010 I'm back, TA ♪

I'm back, TA ♪
12 September 2010. 4:34pm


Even now, the busy days continue, because it's been su~ch a long time since I've worked at the pace of releasing more than 1 single within a 2 month interval~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And because the rest of this year will probably continue at this busy pace, I decided that I should live day by day and update about myself whenever I have something to say!!! So I pulled out some time from a break between recordings, to come and talk to everyone about the various things which I've been wanting to say for really long. Firstly, I'd like to start with my LA diary Day 1, with photos.

Yea, one thing about LA is that I get to drive around on my own, so I can easily go anywhere I want to. And because I'm familiar with the city, it's a lovely thing. When the plane landed, the first thing I could see was this pink light up wall of the airport.

More under the cut!


I wish they could light the wall of the other side pink too.


And at the airport exit, yes, another familiar and lovely friend awaited me with a smile.

Stan-chan ☆


Um, and my hairstyle that day was super bohemian, like this.

Bohe-bohe ♪


From the top, it looked like this ♪


From the side, it looked like this ♪


It may look really complicated, but it's really just the braiding and bunning up of hair at the right places!!!

And the braids don't need to be exact and tight either. The tightness of the braids is up to you (whatever works. Laugh) and can easily be done in 2 minutes ☆

The coordination of the main body is of course bohemian too ♪

I wore a large khaki T-shirt as a dress~ ♪


Of course, I heaped on the accessories ♪


The bohemian hat I've been obsessed with lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though there were looots of them in LA, I wore the one I brought over from Japan that day~ ♪

Like this.


I've managed to successfully cover up my no make-up face, baby ☆ (laugh)

On my feet were boots, as usual.

I like the flat ones, or those with a really low heel, but they must be vintage. ← That's really important!!!

For example, for that day, I wore these ☆


This pair is super comfortable, and I can walk in them forever. (laugh) On the day when I arrived, they accompanied me, along with all my staff members, all over the place till the sun set. I kept with them even when I changed my clothes, hair and make-up ♪

And so, my report for Day 1 ends here.


Totally oblivious that Minazou, dressed up like a schoolboy, was caught in this photo behind me...

I'll come again~ ♡

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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