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Saturday, 11 September 2010

[News] 11.09.2010 Ayumi Hamasaki mu-mo Has Begun "BEST 10" Plan For Releasing 50th Single

Ayumi Hamasaki who is going to release 49th single "crossroad" on September 22nd and 50th single "L" on September 29th for the second week running has begun a special plan for featuring this 50th single on the delivery site for cellphone "新・オンガク生活mu-mo."
On the special site, the voting of the participatory plan "Elected by everyone☆ayu's BEST 10" that users can elect songs from successive singles has begun.
You can choose from three themes, "Favorite song", "Favorite cover" and "Favorite musuc video."
We are overpowered by an array of the number of songs, but you must have some songs that became memories in her songs.
The deadline is Tuesday, September 21st. Then the voting result will be announced on October 1st.
According to this result, mu-mo is going to give us someting surprise presents. Don't miss out.

What's more, the popular standby screen "歌詞待受け" combined a picture of cover and lyrics will be deliver increasingly from Wednesday, September 15th.
In addition, it is plannning to add and deliver various contents.

Releasing Informations

2010.9.22 in stores

【CD+DVD】AVCD-31933/B ¥1,890 (tax incl.)
【CD】AVCD-31934 ¥1,050 (tax incl.)
【CD】AVCD-31935 ¥1,050 (tax incl.)

2010.9.29 in stores

【CD+DVD】AVCD-31936/B ¥1,890(tax incl.)
【CD+DVD】AVCD-31937/B ¥1,890(tax incl.)
【CD】AVCD-31938 ¥1,200(tax incl.)
【CD】AVCD-31939 ¥1,200(tax incl.)

※新・オンガク生活mu-mo(Shin・OngakuSeikatsu mu-mo)・・・The name of music delivery site managed by avex.
※歌詞待受け(KashiMachiuke)・・・The standby screen like a picture and lyrics combined.

Original source: Yahoo! Music Japan
Translated by yuki_tty_t @ Twitter
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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