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Sunday, 10 October 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 09.10.2010 9th October.

9th October.
9 October 2010. 4:37am

Today, the friend with whom I share a red bracelet with, went on a journey.

Saying that, this year is the third time I'm writing about him on this blog.

The first time was the night when he left, and I wrote a message thanking everyone who prayed for him together with me.

The second time was a year later. That night, I composed a song about what I wish to say to him.

The third time is today... Because I won't be able to come here at night, I'll just write down what I have to say now.

How should I say this...

I think, I believe that God really exists...

Because, on this day, the 9th of October when he went on his journey, the last battle of 7-days will start.

This is a battle message from Bacchi.

"I'm watching this!! Don't be afraid!! You have to fight till the very end!!!"

I heard that.

I hear it.

That's why I won't lose.

3 more days.

I will not----------- lose------------------!!

Watch me, Bacchi!!!

And don't start crying before I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, everyone, let's go!

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