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Friday, 15 October 2010

[Official] Rock'n'Roll Blog Update 13.10.2010 (final entry)

I'm sad it's ending~ such a great tour~

Thank You.
2010.10.13 (Wed) 11:01PM

Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour FINAL~7days Special~
Super final of October 11th was over without any accidents, so we could wrap up seven stages in top conditions!!!

In the main stage, the stage altered their expression every song and kept fascinating everyone.
In the encore, everyone came together and reached its peak.
At the end, the curtain came down with a lot of tears.
Each the tear had various feelings.
The day when our bodies yelped, the moment when we feel our hearts was broken.
We could get over any troubles, because we have company who have the same goal and dream
So many viewers, TeamAyu company, were waiting our stage expectantly.
To people coming a long distance, and people couldn't come, but cheer us under the same sky.
Thanks so much!!

Still we're with a mixture of a feeling of accomplishment and loneliness, but I think that those was "proofs" that we could share the great time with you guys.
We A troupe will make a step toward progress with the "proofs."

For a while, we have to say goodbye to you, but don't forget that we are bound by strong ties!!
I'm most grateful to you for your warm cheers!!!!!

From All of A staffs

Original source: Team Ayu
Translation: Yukiko T.
Shared by
Ayu's Story
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