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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 24.10.2010

24 October 2010. 8:34am


Which were given to me by my dear caretakers... Makes me really happy!!!! Yaay ☆

And in 2 seconds, their eyeballs got plucked out--
So they're both one-eyed now... (cries)

Usavich-- Sorry-- (cries)

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More under the cut!

And the culprits were...
24 October 2010. 8:37am


Of course, this small but deadly twins combo.

I'm sure everyone understands why now.

Satisfied, they both fell asleep in this symmetrical position.
And they're probably dreaming things like "We did it--!!!!"... (laugh)

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Usavich (ウサビッチ) - an animated short film series featuring 2 Russian rabbits in prison that's wildly popular in Japan.

The whole series can be watched here

After so long-- ☆
25 October 2010. 10:45am

With lots of planning and heaps of meetings between me, Mama and lots of staff members, coming up with samples, then making adjustments, items beyond our imagination have finally been done. ayuxpj's first collaboration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After so much struggles, the merchandise is finally out (the process was really a crazy battle (laugh)) and somehow, being able to make this announcement of our success feels really great ♪

Also, that the items will be sold first on TA, with a special shopping bag gift only for TA, makes me even more happy--!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sales are starting in just 18 hours...

So get ready to grab yours ♡

And for today too, let's hold hands and ♡ together.

▼ TeamAyu pre-sales
25 October 18:00 ~ 1 November 18:00

+ TeamAyu limited shopping bag

Ah!!!! P.S.
25 October 2010. 10:50am

My own recommendation, the one I worked on the hardest, are the ones with the high-neck, either the nightdress one, or the pajama one.

Everyone's nightwear probably never had such high necks, so it may seem uncomfortable? But------------

It doesn't feel strange-------------!!!

You'll love it.

So let's start a new club,

Team High-Neck.

It'll be really awesome ♡

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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