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Friday, 8 October 2010

[Official] Rock 'n' Roll Blog Update 03.10.2010 - 06.10.2010

The Curtain Has Went Up--★★★
03.10.2010 (Sun) 02:56 AM

At last, it has started.

Rock 'n' Roll Circus Tour FINAL~7days Special~!!!

In a blink of an eye, National Yoyogi first gymnasium was filled with excitement and roaring exultations.

We realized, no, fully realized that how everyone looked forward to comimg this day.

We'll gain more speed to finale on October 11th without stall,

please follow us tight to ending!!!!

7days Special has started on troupe leader Ayu's birthday.

Massages and presents from sooooooo many people arrived.

She took everyone's "LOVE" tight♪

More under the cut!

In addition, at the stadium, such a wonderful birthday cake was prepared for her!!


On the top, there is a『crossroad』's handiwork made of sweets.


By its side, there is a 『L』's handiwork made of sweets.


Around them, there are Hamasaki's dogs! Fine works~≧о≦

This is everyone who was carried away by sweet smell of the cake↓↓

(Looks so delicious~)

ZIN-san, KAYANO-san, and KUNI-kun over the wall.



Oh!!! This is so amazing photo of two people!!!!

Left: Director Luis-san of Sweet Season's music video.

Right: Directore Mutou-san of Virgin Road's music video.

They came to first day of 7days Special in them busy schedules!!

Some people have in mind, but the cake hat wore by everyone is


painstaking work made overnight by hairdresser Naka-san!!!

Of course, the red For A ribbon is also handmade!!

At special-built body care room tune:up


Unnatural two people. laugh

Likewise, at special-built avex clinic


KAZUMA-san taking a garlic shot is also wearing the hat. (But it's unnatural. ZIN is too fine. laugh)

And, the person making a peace sign in the back is the directore of avex clinic Dr.Nobu.

As 7days Special is held with a congested schedule,

He come and care for perfomers and staffs!!(TωT)

I'll introduce special-built avex clinic and tune:up to you another time!

So, (forcibly. bitter-laugh)

Rock'n'Roll Tour FINAL~7days Special~ made the best start.

I'll continue to report back of the stage, so don't miss it!!

So that about does it for today

with MIDORI-san's too much dazzling smile☆


From A staff Minazou

Second Day Finished!!!
04.10.2010 (Mon) 08:05 AM

Second day of 7days Special finished without any accidents-!!

There are many people coming for 2 days running,

"Don't yield to fans' power!," we performers and staffs got psyched so much!!ヾ(@∀@)ノ

At this concert live, we see more people who is moved to tears than ever.

It includes staffs.

Not self-satisfaction.

It's really nice that we can be touched by the stage made by ourselves from the bottom of our heart!!(>へ<。)Ku~

In this touching regard, I have one episode I want to introduce to you!

This episode is after first concert day.

When all of audience went out of the stadium and cleaning finished,

I saw the stand seats.....


Drop my eyes more...


!? Something appear in the lower!!!


Oh!!! This is!!!!


Letters of 『AYU (heart)』!!!!

This chairs' letters made by utensil team who never appear in the stage

to celebrate troupe leader Ayu's birthday.

It seems that they laid chairs low and made in secret.


I can't stop cryinggg!!!(TTTTT□TTTTT)

"Ayumi Hamasaki is made up of supports of many staffs,"

Troupe leader often said, but that's right!!

She is supported by many staffs love,

and this 7days Special concert is composed, I'm feeling that keenly!!

There are only five times more stage filled with such loves!!!!

Please come here☆


(Oideyasu~. Papiko)

From A staff Minazou

※Oideyasu・・・means "Please come here." in Kyoto Japanese.

Made a Splendid Achivement!!!!
06.10.2010 (Wed) 02:23 AM

Out troupe leader Ayumi Hamasaki set a great record again-!!!

Because 50th single 『L』 released on September 29th has entered the first place on weekly sales ranking,

she has got the first place for 25 single running on female artist and reach the single first place!!

She broke the record of music histories for the first time in 22 years!!!

clapping clapping~!(゜∇゜ノノ"☆(゜∇゜ノノ"☆(゜∇゜ノノ"☆

Troupe leader Ayu also said under MC time of third day of 7days Special yesterday,

if fans had given any supports, we couldn't have set the record.

This great record was set by histories every fans and troupe leader Ayu built together.

We couldn't be happier, could we?(≧∇≦)/whoopie!!

Let's support Ayumi Hamasaki who continue to sing "a feeling of gratitude" and "love" for you guys, without change!!!

It's the greatest, TeamAyu↑↑↑★☆★☆

For suce you guys and troupe leader Ayu, photos with best wishes from A troupe!!

I'll show you☆


(Congratulation on setting the record!!!)



Rhythmic gymnastics team♪


Female dancers♪







Go, Gori-san!!!w( ̄▽ ̄;)w

I guess fourth day of Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour FINAL~7days Special~ will be also more exciting with this momentum---!!!!!

From A staff Minazou

Original source: Team Ayu
Translated by Yukiko. T
Shared by
Ayu's Story
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