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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

[News] 13.10.2010 Ayumi Hamasaki First Yoyogi Seven Days Performances, Teary "SEVEN DAYS WAR", Was Over

Ayumi Hamasaki started seven days performances from her birthday October 2nd, and held its final performance on October 11th. For Ayumi Hamasaki, this is the first time to hold for seven days in a row in the same venue. On the final day, 13,000 fans went the venue to see the performance. (For your information, together with arena tour, it has reached 41 performances at 13 venues nationwide and 400,000 viewers.)

From the beginning, this 7 days concerts was planned to hold at the same venue and for long term by the producers, so that Asian and international fans could see the concert. And in the middle of planning, producers could match the time with 50th single releasing, so the concert could be finalized. In retrospective, "All-time high", Ayumi Hamasaki said and had confidence in her arena tour. This special performance was added with new songs and stage direction, which were done in the same venue, on the arena tour to complete to make a better performance. And it became very "all-time" performance.

The Special concert was based on ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 A ~Rock'n'Roll Circus~ that held since April, since it was a Special concert with re-added stages of arena tour. In before opening, Pierrot urged viewers to wave with gestures and viewers did that. After that, grand stage's curtain went up.

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The concert started with Ayumi Hamasaki in black and gold big rock dress lounging on a chair that placed on the stage, and singing "Microphone." After that, Ayu sang 28 songs included "Virgin Road", "Sweet Season" and "Last angel" of 50th single "L" and showed her own particular and massive performances changing her costumes into 11 kinds one like a rock dress, bunny girl style short dress, motorcycle jackets and very short miniskirt.

In addition, Ayu appeared in a wedding dress when she sang "Virgin Road." This wedding dress has a 50 meters long veil. She got the first place on "Artist who suit a wedding dress nicely" announced on September 17th by Recochoku. It may be no exaggeration to say that Ayu suits a wedding dress nicely the best. Ayu walked across at the National Yoyogi first gymnasium with the very long veil, and fascinated her fans with large-scale and beauty.

"Welcome here. Yes, you know, today is the final day. Viewer are so powerful today! I think it become the best concert." Ayu said.

In MC at encore, surprise singing Softbank's commercial song becoming a famous talk because of Ayu's appearance, "『Tadano Ame』※ song by Singer Ayu", gathered the best momentum. For your information, this song is delivered just for Softbank phone in a limited time. And at that time, it was announced that this 7 days concerts was filming with 3D cameras and will be released as a 3D movie at theaters in the next spring. (It's the second 3D concert after "A3D ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~", filmed arena tour 2009. )

The last song of this 7 days concert was "SEVEN DAYS WAR." (That is TM NETWORK's cover and has been included in Ayumi Hamasaki's 49th single "crossroad." ) In the middle of singing the song, her tears welled up in her eyes and flowed down her cheeks, because maybe she looked back on various "fights" for realizing the best 7 days performances. Ayu raised her first high with dancers and appeared members, and her voice was shaken.

At the end, there isn't her traditional goodbye, "Thank you!" vibrating into the silence venue without the microphone. Instead, Ayu sang a passage, from "SEVEN DAYS WAR," (and after that, she said "Thank you!" without the microphone, during the band were playing.), so that was Ayumi Hamasaki's fantastic and impressive seven days special concert went down at a slow speed.

"This time, it was first time for me to perform at the same venue for seven days in a row, so I was worried whether I could get through that, but I received a lot of power from fans cheering those days, and I could finished until the end. I think I could make arena tour from April more powerful, and held great show what I would call "the best performance of Ayumi Hamasaki." I was really happy to have a good time with fans meeting in many parts of the nation and cheering me for seven days. I'll keep singing in the future, so I'm looking forward to seeing with you again!" Ayu said.

Original source: bark.jp
Translation: Yukiko T.
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