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Saturday, 9 October 2010

[Official] Rock'n'Roll Blog Update 07.10.10 - 08.10.10

Fourth Day Was Over~!!
2010.10.07 (Thu) 2:35PM

How quickly the time goes!

Four of the seven days performance were over!!

I often hear it said that concert live is dynamic in nature,

but that's quite right, so we can never make the same stage again.

Please bring it on to not lose to A troupe thinking of one day at the time and playing full out!!

We're also going to release much adrenaline at the last three stages!!!

Let's go along perfectly pleasantly~↑↑↑

More under the cut!


This is excited back stage of after the concert.

I can hear someone laughing.

I try to go to there...

Oh nooo!!

(Ufu (heart) )

『My name is Princess Piroko~♪』


He seems to stay in Princess Yoko-san... ;

Then come in person!!

Yoko-san has generous heart.

Instead of getting angry, she said "Do you want me to change my hairstyle like you?" laugh

And she responded to take a picture with him! ↓↓

Genuine Yoko-san is as beautiful as can be expected. (←Comparing with him is rude.)

We take our job quite seriously!! We also take a joke!!! (laugh)

The best entertainer in Japan, no, the best in Asia, no, the best in the world A troupe will give supreme time to you guys on October 9th and 11th!!!!!

From A staff Minazou


2010.10.07 (Thu) 10:12PM

Our troupe leader Ayu is making the cover.

SCawaii! November issue

Look!s For Adult Winter issue

They are getting praise and on sale!!

In SCawaii!, troupe leader Ayu has answered to 50 questions titled "50 Questions to AYU"!!

Please note that she is dressing in the fashion of this term!!

Next, she has appeared on Look!s For Adult for the first time.

And she has showed coordinates that you can buy in the retro and great depth world titled "AYU in Dreamin' World"!!

Here, go to book store and convenience store nearby right now!!☆

Finally, large bill of "JELLY" (on sale October 16th) has appeared on SHIBUYA109!!!

She has also appeared this magazine for the first time.

When you come to Shibuya, please look up at the bill★

From A staff Minazou

*Scawaii! and JELLY...Fashion magazine for women.
*Look!s for Adult...Wish book for women.

We Hold Fifth Performance of 7days Special Tomorrow!!!
2010.10.08 (Fri) 6:31PM

One day at the back stage...

There is now a suspicion which has been raised that the certain mask is my Minazou's personal belongings.

That man who showed shocking bunny girl looks to us the other day was wearing the mask.


His face has stuck out from the mask. He is making a peace sign without losing his smile;

On the other hand, this person wear the mask....

Oh, fitting.

Umm, it's hard to imagine that the mask is the same one. laugh

It was valuable photo that the said person wore ayupan mask. chan chan♪

*This ayupan mask isn't sell as goods now.
But, perhaps the day when the mask is sell will come. (▼∀▼)grin
From A staff Minazou

Original source: Team Ayu
Translation: Yukiko T.
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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