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Friday, 1 October 2010

[Official] 01.10.2010 Team Ayu Limited! 7days Live Limited Special Project!!

Team Ayu Updated Limited Special Project for Ayu's Rock 'n' Roll Circus 7 Days Special

Roulette Game Special~50th Single Anniversary~

A roulette game to commemorate the release of 50th single [L]!

This is a game of luck, and the prize is a changing sticker that can be used to customize your member card. The full changing sticker set consists of 50 stickers, and 1 sticker will be given out as a prize. The sequence of winning stickers follows the singles order ♪

Furthermore, 10 lucky winners will be selected each day, and will receive the full set of 50 changing stickers as a 『50th Single Anniversary Memoir』!!!

☆Game Rules
TeamAyu Member Card(1TA Number)+Concert Ticket (1)=1 PLAY

To play the game, present your member card and concert ticket, and recite your TA number to the staff!!

The member card does not have your TA number printed. Please fill in your name and TA number on the card yourself before coming!

- The frequency of participation is 1 play per TA number per day.
- If you do not have your member card, log-in to TA site on your mobile and show it to the staff.
- Those who have forgotten their member card, TA number, or have no mobile phone, will not be allowed to play.
- Game play will end when all changing sticker prizes have run out.

More under the cut!

Team Ayu New Member Sign-up & Friend Referral Campaign!!

★Specials for new members
ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 ~Rock'n'Roll Circus~Ver. SPECIAL MEMBER'S CARD!!

1 play for "Roulette Game Special~50th Single Anniversary~"!!

- To play the game, you need to have a concert ticket for that day's show.
- Game play will end when all changing sticker prizes have run out.

To commemorate release of 50th maxi-single [L], special "50th Single Anniversary Card" ♪
※To be sent by post at a later date.

★Friend Referral Campaign
TA members who refer their friends will also receive a SPECIAL MEMBER'S CARD!!

TA past magazines sale!

In lieu with 50th single release, renewed TA magazine volumes 1 to 35&36 will be sold at a special price of ¥500 each!! With latest issue featuring the latest album 『Rock'n'Roll Circus』!
7-days is the only time these past magazines will be put on sale ♪

- There is no need to be a TA member to purchase the magazines.
- Each person can only buy 1 magazine.
- The number of magazines available for sale each day will be limited.

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Team Ayu
Shared by
Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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