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Friday, 23 April 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 23.04.2010 Good mornin' ♪

Good mornin' ♪
23 April 2010. 2:20pm

The first show at Osaka Jo Hall yesterday, was the most passionate and energetic ever since the Rock'n'Roll Tour started!!

It was seriously awesome-----!!!!!

So great, that it's alright even though there was a miss during one of the quick changes. (laugh)

Thank you, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was totally enjoyable-- ♪

More under the cut!!


Everyone--, I don't mean to compare Twitter to here... not at all.

That's what Chon-nan thinks.

That's why!! This is TA here.

More special to me than anywhere else, a precious place.

Nothing can compare to here.

Because TA exists, that's why I can go on, that's how I feel inside.

So, photos of Chon-nan has never and will not be uploaded onto Twitter. Basically, as I've said in yesterday's MC session, Twitter just gives me a chance to talk to foreign fans in English, and that makes me happy.

And because I can talk to everyone freely like this, I'm really happy too ☆

Anyway--, there's no need to feel worried or anxious or anything!

No need to feel abandoned!!

Yep, look, because the heavens ride on Chon-nan's hand---!!! ↓



I wonder if you can see this?

That blu-ish white light, that's heaven, shining "bowa~n"

Doing that was really fun. (laugh)

Oh, the next one is a photo taken by Yo-chan of Chon-nan taking a photo of the band that Minazou picked to be uploaded onto Twitter.

Did you understand that explanantion? (laugh)

I think it'll be easier if you look at it, don!!


You understand now, right------ (laugh)

What shall I do today--------

Whatever happens, we'll have to plan for tomorrow and the day after's shows--

I'll come again later, nyon--

Love love chuu--

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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