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Thursday, 29 April 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 27.04.2010 - 29.04.2010

27 April 2010. 7:29pm

From the time the concert ends, I'm constantly writing and sending messages (←through email).

I've been told about a lot of things that are good for my voice, and I've faithfully tried all of them out, but in the end what helps more than anything else is not using it at all. All of my doctors have said that, so I'm serious about not speaking a word to anybody.

I'm begging you, pleeease let me sing in Niigata!!!!! > my voice.

Because their mama won't speak to them at all, my kids seem a little lonely.

They follow me into the bath and look at me scoldingly.

Something like this. ↓


They're staring at me. (Laughs)

Even when I'm in my room, they look at me scoldingly.

Something like this. ↓


Yep, they're piercing me with those stares.

Or so I thought.

Huh??? ↓


His eyes are closing...

What??!! ↓


He suddenly fell asleeeeeep!!!!!!! (bursts out laughing)

And the cycle repeats itself.

Now, as far as this writing-Chonnan is concerned,
it may seem a little negative, but I am determined to win this struggle with myself and stay silent.

I look forward to all the joy that being able to sing brought me...


I'm heeere!!!
29 April 2010. 04:01am

I've arrived in Niigata☆

After this I finally get to eat.

My hottie tour manager, Pikaichi-sama, has also arrived in Niigata, so I'm leaving all the meals up to him ♪

Tomorrow we barely have one day together, so bring everything you've got and let's burn it up!!!

Chon-nan too, until tomorrow's rehearsal I'll keep writing and corresponding with everyone, and bring all my power to tomorrow's performance!!!!!

This picture shows my new nails that Minazou did for me on the way here, despite fighting with all the tremors and vibrations.

It's a French manicure with purple lame☆

I wonder which scene of the concert they match, ヾ(^▽^)ノ

You'll see tomorrow~♪


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