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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

[Video+Download] Waratte Iitomo 13.04.2010: Surprise Call From Ayu To Jejung Of Tohoshinki

Goshh!! I was super happy when I heard about this!
it turned out to be true that Ayu called Jejung, gosh both are my ultimate fave idols!
I don't know how to describe how happy I am!!
This is wonderful!!
I'm sucha happy fangirl now! haha XD

Ayu said Jejung is CUTE, awwww ~
it's just a very short conversation but it's worth for me though :)

File name: [TV] 100413 Waratte Iitomo_s _Telephone Shocking_ - Ayumi Hamasaki calls Jaejoong.mp4
File size: 5 MB
Download link: Here

Translation under the cut!


At the beginning, I think they were playing some game. I think ayu has to pick and ask a question, and out of the 100 audience members, she has to get at least a certain number of them to answer "yes" to her question to win the game.

Anyway, her question was "Who went to London in January?", and only 1 person replied yes, so she lost the game.

Then the calling part:

Tamori: So, let's introduce your friend.
ayu: OK. Thank you. I'm sure this will make everyone really happy. Ready? Jaejoong.
Tamori: He won't come even if you clap! (referring to the fangirls)
ayu: But it's a video call?
ayu: He's cute, right?
Tamori: He's cute.
ayu: Yes, he is. His Japanese is really great too.
Tamori: He's nearly cute.

ayu: Hello
JJ: Ah, hello. Thank you (for calling)
ayu: Long time no see. You won't be coming for a-nation, right?
JJ: Yes. I'm sorry.
ayu: Are you well?
JJ: I'm well. Are you?
ayu: Yes, I am. OK, passing on to Tamori-san.
JJ: OK, excuse me.

Tamori: Hello. Thanks.
JJ: Thank you thank you thank you.
Tamori: You're appearing on "IItomo" tomorrow, is that alright?
JJ: ...Ah ...Yes.
ayu: He's not coming?
Tamori: So tomorrow...
JJ: Ah, sure thing! (iitomo means "sure thing")
Tamori: Thank you!

Credit: girl* @ AHS + kokayz @ Livejournal
Translation by Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!


  1. I bought Rock'n' Roll Circus CD and NEXT LEVEL DVD.
    I'm so happy!!!

    And I watch this video.
    When on ear,I went to school.
    Thankyou Leny!!


  2. hai Ryo-san!!
    niceeee... My Rock 'n' Roll Circus CD and Next level DVD have not yet arrived T__T