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Sunday, 18 April 2010

[Blog] CMJK Update His Blog About Don't Look Back & Lady Dynamite

So, CMJK, one of Ayu's reguler composer and aranger talked about Ayu's new songs' compositions and arrangements. He posted about what kind of instruments, what kind of music they were using during the recording of the songs.

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Blog entries' translations under the cut!

2010-04-15 00:54:37
Don't look back

Today, we did recording
This is CMJK,
stuffed with sandwiches
and senbeis (Japanese rice crackers)
Good evening.

Hmm-- Half a month ago,
I went to London for 3 weeks plus,
and worked really hard. The results have surfaced

little by little.
ayu-chan's new album
Rock'n'Roll Circus
has gone on sale. Cracker--

For example,
for Don't look back,
we got a real authentic sitar player.

We had a really exciting
recording session.
Ah! I don't have photos of this,
but we also got a real
Indian tabla player in as well.
The tabla,

Darabukka (I have no idea what this is...)

were played for us.

It's not pop music at all,
like the interludes around it


There we have it,
a fusion between
traditional sound
and breakdance music from the early 80's!
It was a daring challenge of an arrangement!

It's as if
I've really managed to fully experience
the London recording
just like my greatly respected BOMB THE BASS.

And it's possible because
we had the advantage of having those musicians. Grateful.

By the way,
this song, Don't look back,
didn't need any musical score for the A melody (first verses).
Is the composer a genius, or is he mad?
But it's still an awesome song!

2010-04-15 07:18:02
Lady Dynamite Introducing Kenji Jammer Suzuki!

This is CMJK, not fully awake yet,
but still in the process of waking up.
Good morning.

I touched on this a little
in yesterday's blog entry,
about a unit called
who I really respect alot.

Englishmen, with Chinese ancestry
with Tim Simenon at its core.
A ground-breaking unit
from the late 80s.

If BOMB THE BASS doesn't exist,
I won't be here today.

What really won my respect then
was this cute little love song
A representative piece from famous composer Burt Bacharach
sung by Dionne Warwick.

A famous song, light-hearted and bright,
about the feelings of a girl caught in unrequited love,
After listening to it closely, I felt
"Ahh-- This girl is definitely
really great at dealing with the guy whom she feels love for"


When the same song was left in the hands of BOMB THE BASS,
with Tim Simenon in charge...

I hear a song, a despairing song,
about a love that is totally uncontrollable and confused!

The strength of the arrangement is indeed amazing!

That really impressed the 20-year-old me,
and gave me the chance to stand up with an oath
to become a sound producer.
It was all due to that one memorable song.

And when BOMB THE BASS was in the process
of producing their 2nd album,
Japan's super guitarist,
who is said to be crazy but a genius too,
officially became a member.

He was Kenji Jammer Suzuki.

In 1992,
when I was working with Cutemen,
there was this song which I needed to do live at the very end.
It was called "CM SONG",

and, as luck would have it,
the one who played the guitar
was that one, who gave me all my memories, and encouraged me to endure.

And during the recording
of ayu-chan's album
Rock'n'Roll Circus,
I heard from the coordinator
that the guitarist who will be featured
in the song Lady Dynamite

will be a crazy rock guy!

And with this order,

Kenji Jammer Suzuki appeared!

I-i-is this a dream!?

A meeting again, after 20 long years!!!!

the destiny of a musician,
the work of a musician,

those are really deep things.

Ahh-- Now I've written it!

thank you!

Respect from the bottom of my heart!

Everyone, please listen to Kenji-san's
madness with your hearts!

All those funny and strange sound effects
are all sounds coming from
Kenji-san's guitar--!!!!

Credits: truehappiness + Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: CMJK's Official Blog
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!


  1. that "Darabukka" is actually spelt differently in arabic but it is an oriental arabian musical intrument which is the standard drum they use for the beat... u know when belly dancers dance? they dance on that beat. hope u get the picture =]

  2. Ohhh that makes sense. Thanks for posting that!

  3. Dal: thanks for the explanation :)