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Thursday, 2 September 2010

[Article] 02.09.2010 Jaejoong's Role In Ayumi Hamasaki's PV

Ayumi Hamasaki meets Tohoshinki's Jaejoong!

Jaejoong will be participating in the PV of Ayumi Hamasaki's 'Blossom' and this will be his first ever feature in another Japanese artist's PV.

This is a song with a melancholic melody yet lyrics which give hope and encourage people to look ahead.

Ayumi Hamasaki expressed that 'Even if I'm not part of it, I wanted to find someone who would be convincing and has good acting skills.' She said that she had noticed Jaejoong's talent from watching him act a long time ago.

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Jaejoong gladly accepted the invitation and will be playing the role of a young man who aspires to become an artist yet has his life taken away due to sickness.

Jaejoong's FujiTV drama 'Sunao Ni Narenakute' was broadcasted from April to June and it was his first ever role in a Japanese drama. Since then, he has received numerous invitations for roles in other television dramas.

To further himself as an actor, Jaejoong is currently learning Kanji through watching film appreciation DVDs.

With regards to receiving the commendation from his senior, Jaejoong said '(I'm) very happy, but I also feel burdened and pressured.' On the other hand, Ayumi Hamasaki was extremely satisfied and said '(she) melted into the world of the music and Jaejoong's unique aura.'

The PV will be included in 'Crossroad', scheduled for release on September 22nd.

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