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Friday, 19 March 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 19.03.2010

This is kinda sad, it's about Ayu's Dog, Maroon

I couldn't make my mind easily, but ...
2010/03/19 19:56 | ayu

... finally, I decided to talk about it ...

Maron got worse the last week.
We couldn't figure out the cause,
and we went to a hospital several times.

Then we found that it was a cancer
in the morning of 15th March and he (* she? =Maron)
underwent an urgent operation.

It was really, really an major operation.
The doctors really did their best.

Maron lost his conscious during the operation
but got it again, and the long-time operation
has finished anyway.

However, he is not getting well after the operation ...

Also, he is senior ...

He has no strength to drink water,
not mention have foods.

He had been in the hospital
receiving intravenous drips and medicines.

The last night when I went there to see Maron
the doctor said this to me.

Shall we keep him alone, lonely, and suffering
in this hospital, and shall we keep the hope
that we can make him better using forcibly
the power of medicines.

Or, shall we dare to stop giving him medicines
and set him free of side-effects and strains
of medicines and take him home where he's
used to.

Ayu-chan, you have to gather your courage
and make a decision.

I didn't sleep, I thought about it,
and I ... take Maron to my home this evening.

I chose that.

I don't know what is right and what is wrong.
However, I believe this is the answer Maron and
I chose and I'll never give up.

Life is repetition of decisions, isn't it.

I know you too are carrying on living making a lot of
decisions everyday.

Never regret in any case, definitely.
Let's cherish every moments
and live a life today as best as we can !!!!!!!

I'll come here again.
In the next time, I'll upload pics from the rehearsals.
So, please look forward to it !!!!!!!

Credit: oji-i-san @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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  1. noooo!! poor maroon... He was my fav. dog of ayu--- T_T

  2. 久しぶりです。
    Ayumi Hamasaki - Microphone で検索してみて。