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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

[Info] Rock 'n' Roll Circus 11th Album Only Filled With 1 Opening & 2 Interludes?

It seems likely that Ayu's upcoming 11th new album "Rock 'n' Roll Circus" will be filled with 1 opening and 2 interludes, the rest are the full songs which is quite rare because in the previous album, it's always been more than 3 interludes. I always love more songs than more interludes. This is gonna be great album, Ayu!

Here what we got so far:
The bolded parts are the opening and the interludes

01.THE introduction (introduction with a feel of a LIVE OPENING TRACK)
02.Microphone (powerful and intense rock track about her musical career)
03.count down (rock ballad mentioning her "left side"/ear issues)
04.Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (midtempo nostalgic summer love ballad)
05.BALLAD (Asian/Chinese drama inspired ballad)
06.Last Links (hopeful song that encourages to live with love)
07.montage (Dark orchestral interlude that leads into Don't look back)
08.Don't look back (midtempo Arabian/Indian sitar infused track)
09.Jump! (digital rock interlude with Ayu saying "JUMP" a lot)
10.Lady Dynamite (impacting rock track for women)
11.Sexy little things (upbeat cutelectroswing)
12.Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (summer upbeat song with shades of electronic beats)
13.meaning of Love (great love song of overflowing love)
14.You were... (winter love ballad about a last love)
15.RED LINE ~for TA~ [album version] (upbeat ballad? We don't know the changes here)

Credit: truehappiness @ AHS
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