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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

[Info] Special Gift Will Be Given For Only 12 Copies Of The New 11th Album!

This is the very first time where Ayu is going to give out special gift that will come along with the random 12 copies among the approximately 400,000 initial pressing copies of her new album, [Rock 'n' Roll Circus] which will be released on 14th April 2010.

For its special gift, Ayu will be giving out her special A4-size of her handwritten lyrics just like shown below.

More info under the cut~
From appears:
Pop-star ayumi hamasaki (31) has announced that 12 self-penned lyric-sheets have been enclosed within 12 out of approximately 400,000 initial pressing copies of her new album [Rock’n’Roll Circus] (released on 14 April).
She has stated that this is a surprise from herself to the buyer. She got the idea of distributing presents, and she enclosed the lyric-cards in order to directly convey the world of music.
She used her favourite pen in order to write on A4 size paper.
With regard to the 12/400,000 probability of obtaining one of these rare items, hamasaki has said, “I put a lot of emotion into writing these, so I hope they will be treasured by whomever receives them.”
Moreover a new song not included on the album, unconfirmed as to whether or not it will be released, will be a free chaku-uta present to fan club members who purchase the album.

and There will be a new song? probally for the upcoming new single?

Credit: truehappiness @ AHS
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  1. it is distributed around the world rite??hope i can get it...the handwriting..

  2. hi there..
    yes if you bought the first press you'll hv a chance to get one of the 12 gifts :)

  3. so i have to buy an album and it doesn`t matter whether i buy the album with DVD or only the CD version??

  4. She probably wrote out all the tracks with lyrics, so that means maybe there'll be 3 instrumental tracks, and that means EIGHT new full songs!! Yaaay!