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Thursday, 18 March 2010

[Info] New Song Will Be Given As Ringtone For Team Ayu Members

Once again! Being Team Ayu members are very lucky!
Ayu will be giving out a new song which is still untitled and also a medium-tempo ballad through ringtone and it's free of charge! and It's only for Team Ayu members who have the access to download the new song.

Rough translation:

- Release date: April 14, 2010(Wednesday)
- Title: "Rock`n'Roll Circus"(reading: Rock'n'roll circus)

- 【CD+DVD】 \3,990(including tax)
CD: 15 all collection/DVD: 17 alltrack collection
Eight video clips and eight making ..(.. clips
Simultaneous sale LIVE DVD'ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A -NEXT LEVEL-' digest image)
- <> With gorgeous photo book(full-color 36P)
- 【CD】 \3,150 (including tax)(It is the same as the content of record CD on ⇒. )

Finally, the original album that becomes the 11th piece puts it on the market.
15 all collection that added new song that dares the first London recording in oneself to smash hit single "Sunrise / Sunset -LOVE is ALL-" "You were... / BALLAD". Eight video clips that reach the more than halves of the number of album tunes are collected to DVD. In addition, gorgeous content that collected digest image of live DVD"ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A -NEXT LEVEL-" of all those making clips and sales on the same day in bonus track. As privilege first time, it is addition in 【CD+DVD】 gorgeous photo book (full-color 36P).

More info under the cut!
- The first, gorgeous board is put on the market.
"Goods and gorgeousness BOX that makes a set" that becomes the first is put on the market by the limited amount.
・【 CD+DVD+LIVE DVD + specially-made goods 】 \11,800(including tax)
In addition (It is connected to taking a picture and the recording in London), it special is set BOX with specially-made mug + tea the set of LIVE DVD'ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A -NEXT LEVEL-' of the sale simultaneously as 【CD+DVD】. It immediately sells it all from the reservation beginning by the reservation in the main net shop.

Hamasaki progress comment

'It not was an outlook on the world to be expressed in this album, bright feeling musical like L.A. nicely done, and London tried thinking that feeling with the shadow for a moment was suitable. '

It the first visits London by contraries though quite a lot of recordings and taking a picture in foreign countries have been done up to now. ..new song for the album.. all, U2, Rolling Stones, and the top artist ..[gaga].. all over the world :.
It recorded in the metropolis studio used in a body, and it went with the Tim young from whom a lot of mastering also handled the overseas important person artist Madonna et al.. It took a picture of all jackets, booklets, and the photo books by all London location, and it took a picture of two of four to which the video clip was newly taken a picture for the album in London.

- Current overseas recording/taking a picture [**]
2009: Recording → [rosanzeruzu] and Hawaii of album 'NEXT LEVEL'
2006: Recording and jacket taking a picture → New York of album '(miss)understood'
2008: The video clip of single "Mirrorcle World" is Paris.
2008: The video clip of "GREEN" of single "Days / GREEN" is Shanghai.

- Person in question comment that puts album on the market
「Oneself ..being possible to do very convincing.. finished this album. It is thought that it was expressible straight for the my present self to think and to feel it. When a lot of people can listen, it is glad. 」

- The measure is detailed.
Lyrics describe in the new album collection tune and the Hamasaki progress describes lyrics of 12 music described in the booklet to the form by the autograph. The original that describes the autograph is enclosed respectively at random in a new album. Of course Hamasaki is a privilege included only in 12 CD among about 400,000 initial shipments ..the super-special and premium that becomes the first... The probability that only one autograph lyrics in the world can be obtained is 12/400,000.

- Object form of autograph lyrics enclosing
【CD+DVD】 *Only the board first time :.
Because it is 【 special BOX set 】* limited amount board, only the board = first time :.
- Number of initial shipments: 400,000 pieces
- Two above-mentioned form addition(【 only CD 】 of enclosed off the subject lyrics is excluded. )
- The autograph lyrics enclosed number of sheets: 12 pieces
- Establishment that autograph lyrics undertake: 1/33,333 pieces
Details of form that describes ⇒
Description of A4 size form. The pen that the Hamasaki progress person in question is usually using is used.

- Details to execution of autograph lyrics privilege
Cannot the surprise of the person from Hamasaki himself from whom everyone who bought something be done?、Thus, the idea that gives the commodity some presents (surprise) at random surfaces. Originally, it will be enclosed because there was an idea of writing lyrics by the autograph to tell the lyrics world of the work more directly now.

- Person in question comment on autograph lyrics privilege
「Lyrics written by my hand decided to be put as a surprise present for the person who had bought it though it was small. The person who hit is glad because it is what puts the desire and writes though he or she might not read easily because it is never good only for a few minutes of the person very limited, and writing the character when it is possible to keep it importantly. 」

- Jacket concept
A Music element of the entire album is a concept in the front side typed out as for strong [bu] ..no lock... seem London it of which it took a picture this time by coloring based on three colors (red, the black, and white)The outlook on the world to be expressed in this album is expressed more clearly also in the jacket photograph.

- For taking a picture
・Taking a picture years: The end of January, 2010
・Period: Two days
・Taking a picture place: Surrounding of Soho, Covent Garden, and Westminster and central London
・The episode when taking a picture: It pleasantly responded to the signature because the fan of enthusiastic Europe had done every sunrise waiting in the front of the coldest (the temperature 1℃) inside and hotel and the taking a picture place and studios. There was a fan that had come from France and Northern Europe to say nothing of the British of the London living, too.

It free presents an undecided new song for the sale to the fan club member who bought the album by ring song (R) in the new album uncollection.
The delivery of own ring song (R) of ⇒ unpublished tune is the first.

- The delivery is detailed.
・Delivery start date: April 13, 2010(Tuesday)
・Downloading procedure:
It accesses the specially-installed site by the number of fan club members.
The serial number enclosed with the album is input and it downloads it.

- Music is detailed.
- Title: "Undecided" /* music genre taste: Medium ballade

The arena tour of 13 place in the whole country 31 performance is held at 4/11 (Saturday).

- Release date: April 14, 2010(Wednesday)
- Title: "Rock`n'Roll Circus"(reading: Rock'n'roll circus)

- 【CD+DVD】 \3,990(including tax)
- 【CD】 \3,150 (including tax)(It is the same as the content of record CD on ⇒. )
- 【 CD+DVD+LIVE DVD + specially-made goods 】 \11,800(including tax)

01. THE introduction
02. Microphone
03. count down
04. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
06. Last Links
07. montage
08. Don't look back
09. Jump!
10. Lady Dynamite
11. Sexy little things
12. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
13. meaning of Love
14. You were...
15. RED LINE ~for TA~

01. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (video clip)
02. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (video clip)
03. You were... (video clip)
04. BALLAD (video clip)
05. Sexy little things (video clip)
06. Microphone (video clip)
07. Don't look back (video clip)
08. Lady Dynamite (video clip)
09. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (making clip)
10. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (making clip)
11. You were... (making clip)
12. BALLAD (making clip)
13. Sexy little things (making clip)
14. Microphone (making clip)
15. Don't look back (making clip)
16. Lady Dynamite (making clip)
- bonus track "ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~" DIGEST

Credit: truehappiness @ AHS
Original source: Live Door
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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